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Vortex ViBE (ISO-DE)

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- Ultra Wide Keyboard

- Includes Full Numpad

- SA Keycaps

- Cherry MX Switches

- Dye-Sub Print

- Aluminium Bottom Case

The ViBE is a first keyboard of its kind, with its great SA keycaps, solid aluminium case and Cherry MX Switches, it is a very unique keyboard for a great price. The ViBE comes with extra colorful keycaps, which you can add to the board to give it some flavor. The keyboard is a slim 78% keyboard that has 79 keys, keycaps are made from PBT and it weighs 0.91kg, it also has Full N-Key rollover to prevent ghosting and it also features media keys as a layered function. It comes with a 1.5m cable. It comes with extra feet you can stick to the bottom of the board to lift the board to provide a perfect slant.


Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Vortex
Keyboard Size 75%
Colors White , Grey , Dolch
Switches Cherry
LED Not Included
Layout ISO-DE

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Cherry MX Red
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Cherry MX Blue
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Cherry MX Clear
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Cherry MX Silent Red
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Cherry MX Brown
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Cherry MX Silver
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