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Candykeys throughout the years

CandyKeys started in 2016 with the goal of providing high-quality mechanical keyboards and their various components, such as keycaps, switches and PCBs. CandyKeys started off with one employee with a passion for Mechanical Keyboards and design, David has now grown the company to carry 3 employees and over 750 various products coming in from over 11 different countries. CandyKeys is based in Munich, Germany, a European Central Hub of business providing fast shipping times and reliable service thanks to fast and advanced infrastructure.

Since 2016 it has taken many steps for CandyKeys to improve, including 2 new website refreshes, system changes, product layout changes and communication changes. We mainly listen to our customer base for feedback and greatly appreciate when customers give feedback so we can work on improving our store and service. The selection of keyboards has expanded to over 30 brands, we are happy to be working with various brands such as Cherry, Vortex, Ducky, Leopold and GMK whom we meet frequently in person at events all around to world to keep our relationship strong with them, which is important in being able to select the best products for customers. We have also been offering Group-Buys since the launch of CandyKeys but has never been the #1 focus as we want to make sure that we can offer all possible mechanical keyboards before bringing in crowd-funded projects. We have however had extremely successful GBs such as GMK Bento with over 700 Base Kits which was one of the largest community GBs in 2019. 

In 2017 CandyKeys was proud to announce sponsorship of Mechanicon in Frankfurt, one of Europes largest Mechanical Keyboard Events with over 250 visitors. Since then David from CandyKeys has travelled to Taiwan, Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt to give presentations and meet CandyKeys' customer base. The rest of the team is based in Munich and manages Inventory and act as technical support. In 2018 we also went onwards to sponsor further events including Mechanicon 2018. 

2019 was a year of slow growth, Ducky was introduced, along with Zeal, and other smaller brands that are the core of our community. With Mechanicon having happened again, it was a pleasure to be at the center stage of the MK community in Germany and central Europe. We have looked forward to developing our site fully from 0 with custom code, new, and to our own demands. At the end of 2019 CandyKeys has worked hard to improve customer support and shipping times, including introducing a new courier, FEDEX in 2020.

In 2020 we have had the harder times of COVID which has let us hunker down into our home offices and develop our website further and provide further GBs bit by bit. We introduced Keychron and Glorious Gaming to our store and we hope that everyone is enjoying a safe and more calm year.

In 2021, through to 2023 there has been a major shift in customer expectations in availability of keyboard supplies. In 2022 CandyKeys has called the last Group-Buy of May 2022 to take place and after no more Keycap Group-Buys which provided bad service and unsatisfactory customer experiences. In 2023 we have been working on a new website through to 2024, which is launched in January 2024. The goal of the years are to down-scale with a higher quality selection and less clutter products that are not quality or satisfiable to customers and our expectations. 

We are active on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook and E-Mail. If you ever need anything then give us a shout. We always co-operate with customers and put ourselves in their shoes if they have a problem.

Company principles

CandyKeys has 5 main company principles:

  1. To provide the best possible customer service, technical or any other needed support.

  2. To provide fast delivery and service.

  3. To provide good quality keyboard products and making sure they are functional for the customer.

  4. To always improve and gain feedback on how to make our ecommerce platform better, we want to push the possibilities that ecommerce offers.

  5. We enjoy what we do, so we make sure that our passion shows in our way of working with customers. 

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