Shipping information

Here you can find all information you made need regarding shipping. CandyKeys uses the following methods below to ship worldwide:


Depending on the country you are in, specific methods will cost more or less and be faster or slower. 

To help you pick, here are our experiences with couriers and how they work and their pick up times.

DPD - Mostly used for Germany and Central EU due to attractive price point, to Austria and Netherlands they have proven to get packages to customers over night. 
Pick-Up Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Update Time for Tracking: Around 19:00 every listed day above

DHL - Mostly used for Germany and outer Central EU Countries, they have decent shipping times EU wide however be AWARE that they use local post couriers in final steps to deliver packages. This can lead to slower lead times.
Pick-Up Times: Daily, and Weekend Updates are possible
Update Time for Tracking: Around 18:00 every listed day above

DHL EXPRESS - This is a quicker option of above, operated worldwide by DHL EXPRESS and kept within the DHL system. DHL EXPRESS says they will deliver in around 2-3 days around EU and around 5-8 workdays to Americas or further away countries.
Pick-Up Times: Depending on the frequency of orders, it is booked by us at needed times.
Update Time for Tracking: Immediate

WarenPost DEUTSCHE POST - This is a budget option of DHL handled by the post, tracking updates are very slow and most of the times packages are handled by Post couriers in the countries of destination. Germany Deutsche Post also has proven to take up to a week.
WARNING, updates of WarenPost can take up to 10 days FROM the date of handing over the package.
Pick-Up Times: Daily, and Weekend Drop Offs are also frequent
Update Time for Tracking: Around 4-10 days after label creation.


CandyKeys has a 2 year warranty policy, and Terms and Conditions that guarantee you your product. CandyKeys will handle any Insurance Case from the side of CandyKeys and customers should not need to deal with couriers about lost packages or damages to packages. Please contact us and open a support ticket if you have a issue. 

If you have a lost package then CandyKeys will reship the package at fastest possible time, this usually is done within a week after the courier confirms the insurance case and the case is opened for evaluation. If a reshipment of the product is not possible, a refund will be carried out or similar options will be discussed.


CandyKeys currently uses 4 forms of package, depending on the product you order we will package your products accordingly to the best fitting packaging. Be aware that keyboards are usually shipped in book boxes which allow for compact shipments of keyboards, and in most cases keycap sets. If you experience damage due to our mis-packaging then we will replace your purchase with a new product or refund the order.

Further information

Insurance is included on all packages by DHL, DPD or Deutsche Post up to a worth of 500 EUR. CandyKeys will always make sure that customers get their packages no matter what issues may arise. FEDEX provides insurance up to 1000 EUR, DHL EXPRESS will also cover any losses up to 500 EUR

Lost Shipments can occur, this is not our fault and it will be obvious that there is a problem if the shipment does not progress within a few work-days. We always support the customer and make sure the package arrives within a reasonable amount of time. Please contact to resolve the issue.


Due to continuous changing pricing in shipping, please use our cart function to check out what the newest available pricing is.

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