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Dispatch times are 2 work-days using DPD, we do not recommend DHL for fast dispatch. 

Dispatch times are 2 work-days using DPD, we do not recommend DHL for fast dispatch. 

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Products that just landed!

Updates this week! (16.02.2023)

16. 2. 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time.... not for the new website, but a NEWS update! I will splurge everything I know in bullet points below, If I miss something I will add it tomorrow: - GMK Stealth is here, processing begins tomorrow, should be really rapid now that I am on my feet and not sick - Cats and Dogs Mats are available, all shipped - Swiss Cheeseboard is live - Restock of Oil Kings Came - Restock of KEEBIO is here but has to be posted, its a mess, we have a lot of older REV stuff we need to sell at discount - Akko stuff restocked sometime ago - 32 Bit Deskmats are available - GMK Nord is shipping soon - EPBT Be the One Extras are available, all shipped, some are pending tracking, is fine - EPBT Winter Breath all shipped, all available too - KN01 and B006 all shipped and is available too - CONUNDRUM shipped and is available too - HIBI Relegandable R1 is shipping, R2 GB is closing - Restock of Gateron is always happening 🙂 - We are waiting on any update for the EV-00 Switches, cancellation is highely likely, will be a pain but has to be done - GMK Inukuma extras are available still in masses - GMK Dots R2 coming to half sold at the hot price of 99,00EUR - QK60 GB orders all shipped, please e-mail me if there are issues and you did not email me already - QK60 Extras will be posted like LINK65 format - Link65 replacement parts are ordered and will come eventually - RAMAWORKS Caps of sorts are missing, including Foundation, we are waiting on this, they will still come - GMK Zooted is pending to come soon - Cherry Switches are here including Nixies and all those good things, but not all QNTY that we need, I will make a update when all that we have ship to make sure we are not saying crap - DHL has been striking, there are delays on DHL shipments by 1-2 days on some locations - Restock of ZOO65 is incoming - QK65 Mirror in-stock sale will be coming in 3 weeks around - OWLABS Stabs and new switches are re-stocking! Durock V2 Stabs restocked with same price but more stuff! They come with foam now and other bits - Sunflower Switches re-stocked and now are in 2 categories, lubed and unlubed - Keychron V3 is to arrive shortly, its at the airport - Keychron re-stock was done last week on some prebuilt models! Including Q8 DE and Q1 DE - Keychron Q1 Pro will come - Keychron accessories like K8 Pro cases are here and listings have to be made - Leopold has no coming re-stock but we are keeping tabs and eyes on it to stock more Topre - We have put STATIC 0xcb keyboard kits into discount - We still have no HARIBO - Our website is currently (the new one) still being done, I was sick for 5 days, the developer team is importing all things like reviews, customer data, order data, images, product pages, without making a mess... this is taking a bit more than I hoped, after this phase, we clean all of it up and we are technically ready to launch but I still need to run tests and security tests too, it is just basically sitting on this and then its ready to go... More my fault than the Dev Team fault as I have to provide high input to make sure that its done, but I leaked some images around the internet already! - Nord Deskmats, RGB Wavez deskmat (wat), PurpleIsh Mats, Really cool new mats, all mats, funny mats, and your mats are all being manufactured still, it is taking a bit but it wont be long - We have a re-stock of Tropical Water V2s coming! - We have shipped all of GMK Foundation too, with now the bundle being available (and selling quick if not sold out) this was a hit! Thanks for the support lads and lasses Freebird TKL Replacement ISO plates are somewhere around EU, I can smell it. I expect those with a newsletter going out - Chalice we shipped final units today, I am missing 1 Unit, will contact that customer and sort it out, thanks for the support - Model M SSK has been ordered, we are holding off on further Vortex pre-orders as ideally we would liek to have it stock - KBDFans Tools and whatnot are in stock new, we have the extended tool collection also available but need to post it - We have the QK80 Gb coming soon, I believe a forum is open for that

Updates this week! (28.08.2022)

27. 8. 2022

Sorry about the way late update on what is happening, Germany is in holiday mood for a few more days while we have been working around the clock to keep things tugging along. Here is the updates, mixed stock and GB updates in one! - GMK Shanshui has shipped to us, we will process this when I am back next week (leading onto...) - I am away! Our team is still in Munich working, why? Paris Keyboard Meet-Up is incoming and I am in Berlin to meet some partners for future co-operation. - Paris Meet-Up, for people who will be there, we will have a few boards to show! Freebird TKL, Link65 are two of the highlights, and then some Corsa switches to try, as well as Aflion switches and a few more. Ping me if you will be there to say hi! - Keychron Q8 and Q5 has landed in Germany, is on time! - More Keychron things are coming like plates, cases, etc. Small things - BigWig Switches and DOOM Switches arrive this week! - Techno Violet switches have arrived - Still no ETA date on LBB or CK2 but its on the way - Akko Re-Stock will be coming in - Q0 Pads from Keychron are available - Freebird TKL have completed manufacturing in 2 weeks, then they make their way to us - Command65 Keyboard has limited slots left for pre-order - GMK Dots is doing well, thank you for the support on a in-stock set, some packages got missed on shipment as it was that many so I apologise for that, expect them to update tomorrow - GMK LOB will be coming for pre-order, we will most likely 99% guarantee a buyout and stock of Base and INT Kit - Re-Stock on KEEB.IO is being sorted out, sorry about that wait! - TENET Keyboard, if you want one, please contact for pricing - LINK65 Keyboard deadline for changing your orders ends in 48 hours if you need any changes to be made - MW Fuyu is tugging along with low sales but getting there - A Wave 2 of Kyandei Mats will be coming! ..... - We have heard Awaken should be next on the GMK shipment list! - Syncronise Deskmats are available to buy now, they look better than we thought, so can recommend - Cherry MX switches of some sorts will top up stock again - KBD67 Lite R4 has slowly made its way to us! Invoices are paid and sorted, so we just need to do that final step - Tiger80 Lite Keyboards should be done in around 2 weeks