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Processing time is now 2-3 days. 

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Products that just landed!

Updates this week! (21.05.2022)

21. 5. 2022

Updates this week! I hope you are all well, the week has been wild as we have been turning our whole inventory upside down and getting things cleaned up for the new site, as there will be many more new products but also many products leaving the store, including whole brands that just we feel do not belong anymore at CandyKeys for the future. The things that have been done and are being done now: - GMK Rainy Day Extras went up! There are still some available - GMK Bento R2 Extras are trickling coming online at random times, these are the last ones left - GMK Hallyu Extras same as above - Milkyway PBT 02 and 15 Caps went live as extras! THOK caps too - We put up some white and black KBD67 R3 Lite boards in ANSI Variant (wired) - We have put up some leftover Ursa, Future Funk, Bushido and Finer Things kits that we found, expect more little goodies of such kind coming online, please use the keycaps stock button from the homepage to see these - We have shipped out BN009 and Binepad BNR1 Pads, these should be arriving at customers shortly - There is the arrival of Electric Switches by Vala, and Strawberry Jelly switches too! - Restock of NIZ occured - Gateron PRO stock is in! - GMMK 2 Stock landed - Keychron things are coming in shortly, including new boards and a general re-stock - Cherry Switches are ordered, waiting on a restock on those. MX Black, Clears included as well as RGB Switches - No news just yet on landing of Vortex Boards sadly - Z0065 boards are nearly completed so we expect those shipped soon - Mats of all kinds are going up, we have sent most mats that we have available, such as polybius, wasabi - KIWI Switches are still to come - SAKA Extras will be posted tomorrow, ONLY White / Brass and Black / Black Variants, I will make a separate post on this.

Updates this week! (06.05.2022)

6. 5. 2022

Finally - This weeks updates! Late on a Friday, but better late than never. We have been busy transforming and improving our store, as some of you may know our new website will be due to launch soon, which means there will be a lot of new features but also a lot of optimisation in user experience, AND the products we offer. This means sadly the disappearance of some brands due to reliability issues, and future outsight with their products, but this also means CLEARANCE SALES! We will post more information in the coming 2-3 weeks on this. Things that are done this week, and the coming week: - Keychron Q2 / Q3 Boards just landed today, pre-orders will be processed - THOK 02 and 15 Keycaps landed, pre-orders will be processed - Lancelot Caps extras will go live, we just have to check a few orders - SAKA Extras, still waiting on 3 customers, then they will go finally live - GMK Hallyu went live yesterday! - Deskmat Leftovers will be a part of the clearance sales - New switches! Alexandrites arrived of course, and we also have a pending Strawberry Jelly V2 Switch - New Stabs - Owlabs Stabs are in! Do try those, they are pretty sweet, great alternative to C3 - New Gateron PRO Switches are coming next week! - TKC Kiwi Switches are re-stocking next week! - KBDFans KBD67 Lite R4 has just dropped for pre-order! - GMK Rainy Day is processing on Weekend already There is probably more but that will come in next weeks update, as you can see we are busy as hell. Note to KBD67R3 Wireless Customers - You will get a newsletter with further options of what to do as the Chips are sadly not available still, and we got sent 50 Wired PCBs instead of Wireless PCBs........ I wish you all a nice weekend!