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We are back! Shipping times are 1-3 workdays. 

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Products that just landed!

Updates this week! (28.08.2022)

27. 8. 2022

Sorry about the way late update on what is happening, Germany is in holiday mood for a few more days while we have been working around the clock to keep things tugging along. Here is the updates, mixed stock and GB updates in one! - GMK Shanshui has shipped to us, we will process this when I am back next week (leading onto...) - I am away! Our team is still in Munich working, why? Paris Keyboard Meet-Up is incoming and I am in Berlin to meet some partners for future co-operation. - Paris Meet-Up, for people who will be there, we will have a few boards to show! Freebird TKL, Link65 are two of the highlights, and then some Corsa switches to try, as well as Aflion switches and a few more. Ping me if you will be there to say hi! - Keychron Q8 and Q5 has landed in Germany, is on time! - More Keychron things are coming like plates, cases, etc. Small things - BigWig Switches and DOOM Switches arrive this week! - Techno Violet switches have arrived - Still no ETA date on LBB or CK2 but its on the way - Akko Re-Stock will be coming in - Q0 Pads from Keychron are available - Freebird TKL have completed manufacturing in 2 weeks, then they make their way to us - Command65 Keyboard has limited slots left for pre-order - GMK Dots is doing well, thank you for the support on a in-stock set, some packages got missed on shipment as it was that many so I apologise for that, expect them to update tomorrow - GMK LOB will be coming for pre-order, we will most likely 99% guarantee a buyout and stock of Base and INT Kit - Re-Stock on KEEB.IO is being sorted out, sorry about that wait! - TENET Keyboard, if you want one, please contact for pricing - LINK65 Keyboard deadline for changing your orders ends in 48 hours if you need any changes to be made - MW Fuyu is tugging along with low sales but getting there - A Wave 2 of Kyandei Mats will be coming! ..... - We have heard Awaken should be next on the GMK shipment list! - Syncronise Deskmats are available to buy now, they look better than we thought, so can recommend - Cherry MX switches of some sorts will top up stock again - KBD67 Lite R4 has slowly made its way to us! Invoices are paid and sorted, so we just need to do that final step - Tiger80 Lite Keyboards should be done in around 2 weeks

Updates this week! (07.08.2022)

7. 8. 2022

Updates this week! - Hello, Hello... Hello. I hope you are having a nice Sunday! So I will be making this weeks update concerning last week and this coming week, as the summer is here and we realise a lot of you are out and about, it has been a relaxing clean up time for the team and we have had time to get some things done! I would like to thank @zitres 🍋 for the awesome stream that he did on Wednesday, we ran a few flash sales which ended and the give-away also ended 39 hours ago, so we will be releasing winners tonight. I will be listing a mix of stock and GB updates below: - Synchronise Deskmats have arrived, those will ship ALL today - 1930 Things have yet to be mostly sorted, I have old labels for many of you which will be updated and then we will continue with the uncompleted orders - TITAN Keyboards have arrived and are expected to be packaged today too. - GMK Dots R2 will go in-stock this week, both light and dark base kit, priced at around 130,00 EUR, if not less... There is plenty, and we do not expect to sell out, we would like this to stay as a stocked product - GMK Shanshui is arriving too this week, but will not be processed until the week after due to our little office get-away - Tangerines (C3) Switches are here and will be posted this week for a higher price, pre-orders will be processed this week by the looks of it - KBDFans products like PBTFans, other caps, TOFU Cases, etc. etc. are re-stocking, including Purpolch and BoW with INT Kits - We have a few missing Stargaze Deskmat orders which will be processed tomorrow - We have a few people waiting for Pacific Deskmats, those should also go out tomorrow - There is a re-stock of Gateron occuring too, on all switches - We will post BOX Cream Switches shortly today - We will be posting information about the Link65 and also the TENET Keyboards, if you would like to express interest in the TENET keyboard please message @zitres 🍋 - We will be announcing Mechanicon News - We will be away from Tuesday to Thursday all day, I have invited the office for a little trip to nearby Belgium, we will be undertaking some team activities as friends, as we do not always get this time when in the office and we will be back on full steam after. The 3 work-day shipping time will apply and we will ship all orders from Monday.

Updates this week! (25.07.2022)

25. 7. 2022

Weekly Update - Thank you for being patient, we had no update last week as it was fairly busy with cleaning up. - GMK Alpine extras went live - Ikki Winter Breath Keyboards went live and are available - GMK Cojiro is being processed now - TIGER80 Keyboards are being processed now - TIGER80 Lite Keyboards are set for pre-order today, please be aware that pricing is generally increasing a bit due to the USD EUR costs - We sent out nearly all IKKI Extra Orders, some are still to be done - PBTFans Purpolch and BOW is set for landing next week - PBT Spark International Kit launched in last week - 32-Bit Deskmats went live - EPBT Less but Better AND EPBT Be The One are on a train on the way to us now - Glorious Items of sorts are coming in stock this week - Gateron re-stock on all switches is coming - Kaihua restocked last week - The next GMK Set looks to be GMK Dots R2 , Base Kits only! - Mechanicon Location is not confirmed, we are working on a replacement in Frankfurt - We will be going to the Paris Meet-Up, or at-least I will be going alone with Julien from Keebwerk! - We have some Techno Violets appearing hopefully this week! - KBDFans restock, on PCBs, Plates, and so on, we are cleaning up our plate selection to fit Plate A and Plate B - Regarding our new website, that is still WIP, the team is currently working on: Switch Database, Check-Out in different Languages, Intro Guides for each Product Category - We have a normal work week this week, however August 9th to 13th there might be a delay in shipments as I, Andrea and Tim might go on a little trip, not confirmed yet if one of us is to stay.