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Gateron Blue and Red Versions of the Anne Pro 2 are experiencing delays. Gateron Blue and Red Versions of the Anne Pro 2 are experiencing delays. 

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We ship to the whole world, some EU countries get free shipping. Packages are sent using DPD, DHL or Deutsche Post with tracking.

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We offer 2 year warranty on all products. If your keyboard has a issue, we will sort it out for you in no time! We will also supply you with a free replacement board if repairs take long.

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We do not bite! Need help choosing a board? Have issues? We respond at an instant or within 12 hours in German, English or Czech.


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EPBT Extended2048

Biip just landed with another set! Extended2048, keep your eyes peeled for further developments. Base Kit will start from around 80,00 EUR.

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Mistel Ergo Boards!

CandyKeys is happy to announce a new co-operation with Mistel to bring their selection of Split keyboards and Numpad mechanical keyboards.

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Ducky One 2 Mini Delays

Ducky One 2 Mini orders have been delayed due to a limited capacity of manufacturing. We expect the keyboards at the end of the month, sorry about the delay!

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Account Errors

Accounts from the old website are sadly not available on the new website due to privacy/security. All your data is secure encrypted and we have no way of accessing or transferring old data to the new website. Sorry! For people who have pending GBs from the old site, please contact us if you have any questions!


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