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PLEASE BE AWARE, We will automatically upgrade you to FEDEX EXPRESS / DPD if you pick DHL - MANY Delays on pick ups! Sorry about that. 

PLEASE BE AWARE, We will automatically upgrade you to FEDEX EXPRESS / DPD if you pick DHL - MANY Delays on pick ups! Sorry about that. 

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Products that just landed!

20. 7. 2021

KBD67 Lite Update 2

All keyboards have now arrived and shipping label distribution commenced since Friday. Batteries for Wireless will be available tonight.


5. 7. 2021

KBD67 Lite

So big update on KBD67 Lite We will have the MAJORITY coming on the 15th of July (TBC depending on customs) - We have all variants besides pink coming, and we have also both wired and wireless coming. If you have a address change please write to The wireless versions will require a battery that we plan to offer, however these batteries will be much later than the KBD67 Lites themselves, for the time being if needed, you can use the keyboard in wired mode. The batteries will cost around 9-12 EUR from what we see. Orders will be processed in following orders; Chronological, IF its a export it will take a few days longer (counts for UK too), and if its a Australia/Asia order it will be last due to the amount of paperwork which we just can not do since we will need to squeeze the other boards out as fast as possible We have Andrea here working he will be in charge doing all shipments, and I will be helping him, we expect this whole process to take up to 5 workdays. We will be pre-making labels already 2-3 days before the arrival of the GB, IF you get a label and the tracking does not update by July 25th or so you can feel free to contact us, if you write us within 12 hours after you get tracking asking why it has not moved we will probably link you to this message.


5. 7. 2021

05.07 Stock Update

We have now been including this info on all newsletters. Please sign up if you wish for the up to date news. We have stock coming on KBD67 Lite, GMMK PRO, as well as KBDFans products and new switches.


11. 6. 2021

Stock Update 11.06.2021

We expect some things to come back in stock, ID80, Anne Pro, Mistel (?), Vortex 75% and RACE3 of some kinds, Cherry MX Switches, Durock Stabs, Durock Switches - These should be coming this month. We also expect some more KBDFans products