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Please check news for fresh updates on stock! 

Please check news for fresh updates on stock! 

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Products that just landed!

22. 5. 2020

Stock news for this weekend.

Sorry about the delay on the FC660PD Ash Yellow boards, those will still come tonight - Anne Pro re-stock next week - VORTEX TAB75/RACE3 ANSI and DE only will re-stock tonight - We are stocking new KEYCHRON K2 ISO-DE boards - We will also be putting up limited edition POKER boards for pre-order - Ducky will re-stock early to late June - Wooting deskmats are arriving soon.


13. 5. 2020

Stock News this week.

Durock Stabs come in tomorrow - RACE3/TAB75 on Monday - Cherry MX Brown Plate Mount is in - Roselios come on Friday - GMK Ngiht Runner extras posted today (Deskmats included) - Ducky SF White comes in early June


4. 5. 2020

This weeks re-stock news.

Vortex RACE3 non-RGB has been moved back by 1 week to be from 2 weeks from now - Leopold FC750PD Ash Yellow and Blue and Grey with a few FC980 restocking today evening - NovelKeys CREAM Switches re-stocked - Anne Pro Gateron lands this week Thursday - Re-stock of all components like plates, low profile cases and other bits are coming tonight - Peaches and Cream and Nightrunner GMK Sets Extras will be announced for this week later tomorrow.


4. 5. 2020

This weeks GB news

We have shipped out GMK Nightrunner, PnC and First Love - Extras of First Love are Available KAT Milkshake Date is not confirmed, we expect 3 weeks, depending on the date of the train arrival - No news on PBT Sanctuary or BRED, No news on MOIIY or SP111 - We hope to have it soon - GMK Bushido is ending today evening, please order tonight if you want it.