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Vortex RACE 3 RGB (ANSI)

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- Cherry MX Switches

- DSA Keycaps

- Aluminium Low Profile Case

- Programmable 

- RGBY Keycaps Included


- RGB Lights Included!

The Vortex RACE 3 RGB is the RGB upgraded flagship keyboard by Vortex, the 75% format is used to fit nearly every keyboard enthusiast. The keyboard features PBT Dye-Sub printed keycaps, Cherry MX Switches and a full aluminium case bottom. The plate which the switches sit in is black metal and provides high stability and reliability for long-term use. Each switch is rated to last 45 million clicks and you can select a variety of switches from the variants below. This keyboard comes with RGB and the RGB has multiple functions that can be modified!

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Vortex
Keyboard Size 75%
Colors White , Grey
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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MX Red
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MX Blue
Out of stock 163,00 €
MX Brown
Out of stock 163,00 €
MX Silver
Out of stock 167,00 €
MX Silent Red
Out of stock 167,00 €
MX Black
Out of stock 167,00 €