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VA69M Black & Grey (ISO-DE)

From 180,00 €

- VA69M Keyboard

- Cherry MX Switches

- ISO-DE Layout

- Anodised Aluminium Case

- Backlight LEDs (White)


The Varmilo VA68M is one of the most premium standard 60+% keyboards you can get in your hands. The aluminium anodised case and the strong build base + pcb means that you do not need to look further for a better constructed keyboard. While the price is high, it is for sure with it with its German Cherry MX Switches and Backlighting carrying 2x3x4mm LEDs. The keyboard is a V3 keyboard with USB-C.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Varmilo
Keyboard Size 60% , 69%
Colors Black , Grey
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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Cherry MX Blue
Out of stock 180,00 €
Cherry MX Red
Out of stock 180,00 €
Cherry MX Brown
Out of stock 180,00 €
Cherry MX Clear
Out of stock 180,00 €
Cherry MX Silent Red
Out of stock 180,00 €