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Tai-Hao Yellow & Blue (ANSI)

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- Tai-Hao Yellow & Blue

- ABS Double Shot

- ANSI Full Format

- Available Now

- CandyKeys Warranty

- Shipping to EU

Tai-Hao is providing budget keycap sets with great quality, double shot ABS plastic. The keycap set features all keys required for a full-sized keyboard with Cherry MX Profile switches. The keycap set is a unique profile, between the profiles of OEM and Cherry. The keycap set comes with a keycap puller and 2 extra white Tai-Hao keys in a small plastic box.

This keycap set is made from high-quality ABS plastic, which guarantees a long life-time and reliability. Tai-Hao makes all their keycaps from double-shot plastic, meaning that 2 pieces of plastics are molded together in 2 plastic injections to form the keycap and the legend. This makes sure that legends will never wear off and you will never have to worry about the amount of force, friction of temperature the keycaps are faced with.

Category Keycap Sets , Keycaps
Brand Tai-Hao
Layout ANSI

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