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Tai-Hao Starry Night Keycap Set (ISO-DE)

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- Starry Night ISO-DE

- Tai-Hao x CandyKeys

- CandyKeys Packaging

- Compatibility Keycaps

- Fit your keyboard

- Double-Shot ABS

A Set that will not break the bank, the Starry Night ISO-DE Set. Now with compatibility packs, the set has become a top seller in ANSI and we have now partnered up with Tai-Hao to bring ISO-DE to the community. These ABS keycaps are one of the most competitive keycaps for this price and now cover most keyboards, you can select the extra extended kits in the drop-down menus to fit your keyboard. The high quality double-shot keycaps will make sure that they will last you a long time and with the Cherry MX Profile, they are perfect to fit any keyboard.

List of Addon Packs

Extended Kit 1: 1.75U Shift, 1.5U Alt, 1.5U Ctrl & 1 Stepped Caps Lock Key 5

Extended Kit 2: 1.75U Shift, 4 x 1U Blank R4, 4 x 1U Blank R1 5

Extended Kit 3: 2.25U Shift, 1 x 1U Blank R1 2

Category Keycap Sets , Keycaps
Brand Tai-Hao
Layout ISO-DE

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