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POK3R Black (ISO-DE)

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From 145,00 €
  • Vortex POK3R
  • RGB Backlit
  • Translucent ABS Keycaps
  • 60% Keyboard
  • ISO-DE Layout
  • Black Aluminium Case & Keycaps

The POK3R is a legendary 60% go-to keyboard in the community. It contains Cherry MX Switches with RGB lights and a sturdy thick aluminium case that is sure to last you a lifetime. You can be very happy to hear that this keyboard is programmable and standalone meaning that you can program your layers permanently and take your keyboard with you!

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Vortex
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors Black
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ISO-DE
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Cherry MX Blue
In stock 145,00 €
Cherry MX Red
In stock 145,00 €
Cherry MX Clear
Out of stock 145,00 €
Cherry MX Brown
In stock 145,00 €
Cherry MX Nature White
Out of stock 149,00 €