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PBTFans Vior

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- Designed by Aiglatson Studio

- Made By KBDFans

- ABS Keycap Sets

- Double-Shot injection molded Keycaps

- MX Mount Compatible

- Cherry Profile

- No Keyboard Included


The theme of Pbtfans Vior was inspired by is inspired by cosmic dust. The set comes in dark purple, semi-transparent outer layers with incorporated silver and gold sparkles that add more dimension to the caps.

 Specifications for TOFU 2.0 

Case: E-coating aluminum case with monochromatic glitter

Plate: PC/ Aluminum/ FR4/ Carbon fiber plate

PCB: 1.2 mm Flex cut Hot-swap PCB, supports per-key RGB, QMK firmware, VIA support, USB-C port, with daughterboard+JST cable

Weight bar: Aluminum material

Structure: Top mount, silicone socks, silicone bowl (3 types of structural support)

Weight: ≈1.32 kg after assembled with switches and keycaps

Dimension: 313.7 mm (length) x 115.7 mm (width) x 18.5 mm (front) x 32.5 mm (back)

Feature: Screwless exterior design, the detachable silicon feet hiding all the screws at the bottom

Typing angle: 7°

Designed by KBDfans and Aiglatson Studio

Made in China



Aluminum top and bottom case x1

Aluminum weight bar x1

Plate x1

Hot-swap PCB x1

USB-C daughterboard x1

Silicone bowl x1 set

Silicone socks x1 set

Bottom poron x1

Plate poron x1

EVA switch pad x1

Cherry screw-in stabilizers x1 set

Screws and rubber feet x1 set

Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
Brand KBDFans

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Base Kit
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Num Kit
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International Kit
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40s Kit
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Alpha Kit
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Artisan Keycap
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Vior x TOFU 2.0 Keyboard Kit (PC Plate)
Preorder 230,00 € ETA: 2023-07-31
Vior x TOFU 2.0 Keyboard Kit (Alu Plate)
Preorder 230,00 € ETA: 2023-07-31