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Original Aspiration (OA) Switch

0,67 €

- 67g gold plated spring

- Polycarbonate top housing

- UHMWPE bottom housing

- POM stem

- 5 pin PCB mount

- No factory Lube

- Linear Switch

ETA: 2020-12-20


Everyone who orders OA switches from us will be qualified to enter a very special giveaway hosted by Wuque studio. The prize is a free spot in the Ikki68 Aurora group buy scheduled to launch this Christmas. 

Instructions on how to join the giveaway:



Group buy opens: Sept. 24 at 4pm PST

Group buy ends: Oct. 9 at 4PM PST

Delivery: Nov. 23 - Dec. 8 2020 



US: Cannon Keys

Canada: Mech Land

EU: CandyKeys

Aus: Daily Clack

Japan: Yushakobo

South Korea: Monstargear

Vietnam: TaoBaoSop


Review/Sound Test and Live Streaming:

Andy V Nguyen

Review video will be published at 4 PM PST, Sep. 23th on Youtube

Live stream at 6:30 PM PST, Sep. 23th Twitch

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