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Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 (5ml)

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Krytox von Chemours

- Perfect tip for dosing on brush

- 5ml "Toothpaste" Tube with accurate pin opening

- Sealed by Factory to prevent aging

- Perfect for Stabilisers and Switches

Krytox are one of the highest end lubricants that are used for various industries around the world made in USA. After co-operation began in September 2019, CandyKeys and Krytox have been working together to help promote Krytox to the MK Community. We hope to soon release a perfect Krytox branded "per Switch type" lube to the community, but first we are introducing the official Grade 0 GPL 205 Lubricant that is perfect for switches and stabilisers.

This Krytox is filled by the official distributor in Germany to guarantee quality, seal, and longetivity. We do not fill these in-house as seen in other stores.

Category Lubrication

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