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KBParadise V80 Dasher

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  • KBParadise V80 Dasher
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver
  • Double-Shot ABS Keycaps
  • Blue Keycaps
  • ANSI Layout
  • CandyKeys Official Reseller &  Service

The KBParadise V80 Dasher keyboard is a TenKeyLess non-backlit keyboard, a size larger than their highly successful V60 keyboard, which gives you the best price to performance with Cherry MX Switches. The V80 is a simple keyboard which does not pack any macros or programmable keys, this is perfect for anyone who wants a perfectly functioning keyboard and no messy programmable features which can get in the way. If you have realised that you never input numerical data then 80% such as this one if the perfect fit. The rounded front and the matte finish on this keyboard provides comfortability and a sleek design which fits to any desk or any user. The vintage look on this keyboard gives a throwback to the first days of Cherry MX existence. The N-Key Rollover feature which this keyboard also has is very helpful for the fastest typists and the hardest gamers.  This keyboard is also Mac Compatible.

It comes with Tai-Hao keycaps stock, which are ABS and double-shot.

CandyKeys is a official reseller for KBParadise keyboards, we provide in-house repairs and 2 year warranty.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand KBParadise
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors Black , Blue
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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MX Speed Silver
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Cherry MX Clear
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