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KAT Alpha Keycap Set

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  • NEW KAT Profile
  • Full Keycap Set
  • Manuf. by Keyreative
  • White Keycaps
  • Black Dye Sub

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The release of Alpha (manufactured in dye-sublimated PBT) marks the debut of KAT, a brand new collection of high profile molds from Keyreative. Nineteen months of intense research, machining, and testing resulted in this delectably thick (1.658mm) sculpted design. Some inspiration also came from cats, as their claws provide an appealing slope to model keycap curves on.

Unlike SA, which can seem pointy and disproportionately tall on modern keyboards, KAT is smooth. Silky smooth. Superlatively smooth. Kat’s concave keycaps don’t stab or inhibit your fingertips during row jumps, nor do they have the gritty texture that one typically associates with PBT plastic. The characteristic dryness of PBT is present, but your fingertips won’t be ground into submission by the substrate.

Some keycap sets make generic nods to sound quality, but premium audio design was a serious consideration in KAT profile. The interior walls of its keycaps are angled such that sound is reflected in a precise pattern. That should, when coupled with high wall thickness, provide sharp clicks and muted clacks.

Finally, KAT keycap tops have the same dimensions across each row. That’s a vast visual improvement, but it also has a positive impact on muscle memory while touch typing. Refer to the product images for a visual representation.

This striking black on white colorway provides an easy, affordable introduction to a new keyboarding experience.

Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
Brand Other
Layout ANSI , ISO-UK

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