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Most Ducky orders are delayed due to extra Quality Control on USB mounts. Vortex pre-orders are shipping over the course of Monday/Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

Ducky One 2 Mini

6 variants New
From 107,00 €

- Ducky One 2 Mini

- Cherry MX RGB Switches

- Black Color


- 3 Stage Feet

- Ducky Macro 2.0

The Ducky One 2 Mini is one of the newest and most exciting launches for Ducky. The 60% ANSI Keyboard is a great price to performance keyboard that offers you Cherry MX Switch quality with high-end design. The case is ABS Plastic and has two stage colors, you also get 10 Random Colored keycaps with each keyboard to add some color to the keyboard. The keyboard is fully RGB backlit with several programs which you can switch, including RGB Breathing effect, to single color or off. 

CandyKeys is a official Ducky Distributor, we offer 2 year warranty on all Ducky products.

All pre-orders should be arriving Late February / Early March - Orders before 09.12.2018 will be shipped before.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Ducky
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors Black
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI
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NameVariants Stock Price ETA
Cherry MX Red
Out of stock 107,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30
Cherry MX Silent Red
Out of stock 109,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30
Cherry MX Blue
Out of stock 107,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30
Cherry MX Speed Silver
Out of stock 107,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30
Cherry MX Brown
Out of stock 107,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30
Cherry MX Black
Preorder 107,00 € ETA: 2019-01-30