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Craftcables White Red USB-C Cable

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- Custom USB-C Cable

- Handmade and QC in EU / Germany

- No-Heatshrink

- Custom Machinery / Tooling

- Thick Core / High Speed Energy Charging 

- Perfect for Keyboards/Phones

- 1.2 Meters Length

- USB-A to USB-C

Craftcables. is a new venture by the owner of CandyKeys to assist bringing cable manufacturing back to Europe with a twist of funk and proper quality control. Each 1.2 meter long cable is manually inserted into our EU based plastic injection factory, under our one Man - one Cable principle, who then follows the proccess of the cable and checks/stress tests the cable manually to make sure the quality of the cable stands to our tests. 

The cable has a custom designed wiremesh/cord by craftcables, not just a plain bought mainstream market cable, which allows flexibility, durability and fast charging. The cable features a 21AWG power cable allowing Quickcharge 3.0 Support, the cable features transfer rates of up to 500mbit. 

The cable comes with warranty and a free replacement policy if there is any quality issues with the cable.

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