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Cherry MX Silent Red (Plate Mount)

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  • MX3A-L1NW
  • Cherry MX Hyperglide
  • 45 cN Actuation Force
  • PCB Mount Switch
  • Made in Germany

MX3A-L1NN – PCB Mount

CHERRY MX Silent: optimized for extremely quiet operation. With an actuation point of 1.9 mm, and padded bottoms of the stem, the MX Silent is the quietest mechanical CHERRY switch ever. No pressure points, linear actuation, switching function at a defined force of approx. 45 cN without contact feedback. Made in Germany

  • Linear Switch
  • 45cN Actuation Force
  • 3,7mm Complete Travel
  • 1,9mm until Actuation Point
  • Linear – Not audible
Category Switches
Brand Cherry
Switch Feedback Linear
Mount Plate
Spring Standard
Spring Weight 45g
Travel 4mm
Feedback Linear
Lubrication None

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