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Cherry MX Sampler (9 MX Switches)

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- Cherry MX Tester
- 3 x 3 Layout
- Acrylic Plastic Base
- Customize as you want it
- Most types of Cherry
- Flat Hard Base

Wanted to test all the types of Cherry switches that are available?

This is the perfect complete tester that you need to try MX switches of all kinds, some that are even very hard to find today. The tester comes with: MX Blue, Brown, Red, Black, Green and Linear Grey, Grey, White and Clear switches.

You can use this tester with any other square MX mount switches and change the switches positions as you wish. It comes with translucent keycaps which have a large pressing area so you can get the best feel of each switch. The base of the tester is made from hard translucent clear plastic and has a very straight and hard fit on any surface so the tester does not bounce or suspend.

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