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HammerWorks Ninja Artisans (Various)

6 variants New
From 32,00 €

- Hammer Keycaps

- Aluminium/Resin

- Exchangable Eyes

- Colors included for Eyes

- MX Mount

- Row R4 (ESC)

A beautiful HammerWorks artisan keycap made from Aluminium and plastic light-translucent eyes.

Please select a keycap you would like from the list below. If you have questions which one is which, please contact us.

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NameVariants Stock Price
Full Black
Out of stock 37,00 €
Blue Aluminium
Out of stock 37,00 €
Purple Auminium
Out of stock 37,00 €
White Red Cloud
Only 1 left in stock 32,00 €
Black Gold Chips
Only 1 left in stock 32,00 €
Black Gold Stripe
Only 1 left in stock 32,00 €