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Vortex TAB90M (ANSI)

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- New TAB90 Model

- 90% Size

- PBT Keycaps (Grey)

- Aluminium Case

- USB-C Cable

- Programmable

The TAB90 Vortex keyboard is a new released keyboard to fit the demand between the full 100% Size keyboard and the 75% keyboard. This keyboard features a full Functions Row and Numpad for users who require more control. The keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches, PBT DSA Keycaps (Due-Sub) and USB-C. The case is a aluminium case and thick rubber pads are installed to keep the keyboard from sliding on your desk. This keyboard is the M Model, featuring special dark keycaps.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Vortex
Keyboard Size 60% , TKL , 90%
Colors Black , Grey , Dolch
Switches Cherry
LED Not Included
Layout ANSI

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Cherry MX Red
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Cherry MX Brown
Out of stock 160,00 €
Cherry MX Clear
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Cherry MX Blue
Out of stock 160,00 €
Cherry MX Silent Red
Out of stock 167,00 €
Cherry MX Silent Black
Out of stock 167,00 €