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VA87Mac (ANSI)

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- VA87Mac
- Varmilo Keyboard
- MAC OS X Native
- Cherry MX Switches
- ANSI Format
- White LED


Varmilo has finally struck with a keyboard that is 100% OS X Compatible, from function keys to the command keys, everything is in the right place with the right function. The VA87Mac keyboard is manufactured by Varmilo and is the same layout and engineered keyboard as the VA87M and VA87B. This keyboard comes with dye-subbed keycaps, standard with command keys and OS X function keys that control iTunes controls, Brightness, Volume, etc. The ABS case is a pure white case to reflect the clean white MAC format that other Apple products wear. The case is designed to be slim, showing off the bottom row keycaps in whole and not getting in the way of the users hands.

This keyboard comes with all the key functions you need to fully work your MAC Operating System, this keyboard will also work with Windows Operating Systems. The keyboard comes with all the symbols you can find on a normal Apple Keyboard, but with a mechanical system. The dream has finally come true for MAC users.

The case is held up by 2 strong feet in the back and 2 strong rubber pads in the front, you can adjust the level of the keyboard to your liking using the feet, while also being able to lay it flat for easy transportation and horizontal placement. The keyboard also has wire rails which you can select if you would like to have the cable coming out of the right, left or back side of the keyboard.

Varmilo is known for being the best quality brand out there for keyboards, the VA87Mac is sure to last you due to the constant developments made on the VA87B and VA87M keyboards. They also have VA68M keyboards that are hand-made, Full-Size keyboards and Numpads that all add to the portfolio of this large company. Varmilo can ensure quality for a good price.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Varmilo
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors White
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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