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TKC SP-111

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- Ergonomical Split Keyboard

- Southpaw Inspired Design

- The Key Company SP-111

- Official Proxy

- Full Aluminium Build + Brass

- 3 Colors

- Group-Buy

Split Southpaw Keyboard. BlindAssassin111's original design started as a personal project to streamline his workflow. Now, we've brought it to you by demand!

Please Note: It does not come assembled. You must purchase switches, stabilizers, keycaps and a USB cable. You will have to solder the switches onto the PCB and assemble the case.


- Southpaw (left sided numpad) allows you to use the numpad and mouse at the same time.

- Split allows placement in a comfortable manner for long sessions.

- Right side layout to maintain the functionality of a full size board in a much more compact manner.

- Special thanks: OneCreativeMind for the logo. MetallicCharles for the renders.


- Sandwich mount, with the plate visible around the edges and locating tabs for alignment.

- Typing angle of 7 degrees.

- Left side weighs 3.29 lbs.

- Right side weights 2.87 lbs.

- Board interconnect is Type-C.

- Board connects via Type-C.

Category Mechanical keyboards , Kits
Brand TheKeyCompany
Layout ANSI

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