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- TADA68
- Programmable Keyboard
- 68% Size
- PBT Keycap
- ABS Black Case
- Gateron Switches

The TADA68 is the ultimate keyboard providing a lot of functionality, great typing experience and high quality for a tremendous value. The TADA68 is a 60% sized keyboard that has crucial function keys and arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard. Available with Gateron switches, the keyboard is made to last you a lifetime and the PBT keycaps give you the best feel to each keystroke. The keyboard is light and compact thanks to the plastic case and the white-LED backlighting lets you use this keyboard in all light conditions. The keyboard is fully programmable for the die-hard programmable keyboard geeks, with this function you can set any key to any command and not worry about complicated key combinations. The TADA68 comes with its own black cable.


This product is discontinued. For a custom build, contact support.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand TADA68
Keyboard Size 69%
Colors White , Grey , Dolch
Switches Gateron
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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Gateron Red
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Gateron Blue
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Gateron Brown
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