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RAMAWORKS Bento Keycap

2 variants New
From 42,00 €


- Made from Aluminium

- White Enamel Fill or Brass Versions

- Mirror Polished Brass

- Fit for Cherry MX Stems

- Row R1

- Part of GMK Bento Group-Buy

The GMK Bento RAMAWORKS Novelty Keycaps made from Aluminium and Brass are a Limited Edition Keycap made by the Australian Company RAMAWORKS. The keycaps are designed from the highest quality materials and have strict Quality Control to insure that each keycap reaches absolute visual and functional perfection.

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NameVariants Stock Price ETA
Brass Keycap
Preorder 62,00 € ETA: 2019-05-15
Aluminium Keycap
Preorder 42,00 € ETA: 2019-05-15