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Leopold FC900PD (Black)

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- FC900R PD Keyboard
- Cherry MX Switches
- Black Color
- ANSI Layout
- Silent Padding Inside

Double-Shot PBT keycaps are a must if you want the best look and quality for a good price. Leopold has managed to bring great keycaps to a great board, the keycaps now have a much better feeling and will last much longer thanks to double-shot molding. The Leopold FC900R PBT Cherry MX keyboard is a Korean keyboard, featuring the highest quality components and keycaps on the market, which is already held in the Leopold name. The 900R PD keyboard is the largest sized keyboard that Leopold sells at the moment with a fill sized ANSI key layout with a num-pad and function keys. The FC900R PD keyboard features Cherry MX switches that last through more than 45 million clicks each, without losing their feel or force. The keyboard features an internal sound dampening feature which keeps your keyboard silent without the need of O-Ring installation. The keyboard fits any environment, from the hardest gamers in a gaming setup, fastest typists in an office or just at home on any desk. The case has a retro-styled shape that will fit anywhere. They keyboard features media controls through key combinations, it also a full N-Key rollover through PS/2 and 6 key rollover through USB. 6 rubber feet are also under the keyboard, which can lift it by 2cm.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Leopold
Keyboard Size 100%
Colors Black
Switches Cherry
LED Not Included
Layout ANSI

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Cherry MX Brown
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Cherry MX Blue
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Cherry MX Red
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Cherry MX Clear
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Cherry MX Black
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