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Keychron V3 Knob (ISO-DE)

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- 80%Layout

- Keychron V3

- ISO-DE Layout

- Hot-Swap PCB

- ABS Plastic Frame

- Tray Mount Design

- Keychron K Series Switches

- Acoustic Silencing Installed

The V3 is a classic TKL (80%) layout custom keyboard with many premium features like QMK/VIA support, backlight shine-through keycaps, screw-in stabs, etc., which provides endless possibilities and a comfortable typing experience

Built with the Mac users’ experience in mind while still retaining compatibility for Windows devices, the Keychron V3 comes with a system toggle and an additional set of customized keycaps for both Windows and macOS systems. You can now save two different layouts on the keyboard, one for each system.

A powerful ultra-low-power ARM architecture MCU equipped with 128K Flash will provide more flexibility for developers. The polling rate is 1000 Hz out of the box, which makes latency non-existent for the competitive game. To further leverage your typing experience, the V3 ISO version comes with our unique OSA profile (OEM profile with spherical angle) and ABS keycaps that aim to provide a more comfortable fingertip feel and a fantastic backlight shine-through effect.With full QMK and VIA support, you can easily program and remap each key on the keyboard. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, even the knob, and more.



140.56 mm
Length 366.70 mm
Front Height 19.44 mm  (without keycaps)
Back Height 26.83 mm (without keycaps)
Feet Height 2.4 mm
Angle 3.5° / 7.26° / 9.69°
Weight 1120 g ± 10 g (Fully Assembled Version)
Body Material ABS Plastic
Plate Material Steel
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Mount Style Tray Mount Design
OSA Profile ABS backlight shine-through keycaps
MCU Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128KB Flash)
Switches Keychron K Pro 
Backlight South-facing RGB LED
Switch Support Hot-swappable (5 pin & 3 pin)
Stabs Screw-in PCB stabs
Connectivity Type-C
Cable Type-C cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter
Operating Environment -10℃ to 50℃
Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Keychron
Keyboard Size 75% , TKL
Colors Black , Grey
Switches Cherry , Gateron , Kailh
LED Included
Layout ISO-DE

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