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Kailh BOX Jade

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- Kailh Box Jade

- Designed by NovelKeys

- Clicky Switch

- New Clear Housing Version (!)

- 3.6mm Travel

- 55G Operating Force

- 65G Bottom Out Force

The Kailh Box switches have been a great success, with great reviews and reliability it pushes creators like NovelKeys to push the limits on what a normal switch is today. The switch is a pleasure to use, from the looks to the sound, the switch is refined every single bit to get the best experience. The BOX Navy switches were designed by NovelKeys and features a thicker click bar, creating a stronger bump on actuation and a louder, nicer click than normal BOX Switches. The operating forces of these switches are 50g – 60g. The BOX Jade switch features the same properties as the BOX White switches.

Category Switches
Brand Kailh
Switch Feedback Clicky
Mount Plate
Spring Standard
Spring Weight 50g
Travel 3.6mm
Feedback Clicky
Lubrication None

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