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GMK White on Black (ISO-DE)

93,00 €

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- GMK Keycap Set

- Design by CandyKeys

- 100% ISO-DE Layout

- Extra Keys

- ABS Double-Shot

- Made in Germany

After a few months of development, CandyKeys is happy to announce a part of their new CandyKeys GMK line for people who want a simple high quality set for the best price to performance ratio. The double-shot ABS keycap set is only made 200km away from CandyKeys office, keeping the logistics behind this set simple and cheap, allowing us to set pricing at a competitive amount. The keycap set was designed to support layouts such as the FC980, FC660M, 68% boards, TKL boards, 100% boards and any other boards that might cross your path. While the set is originally offered for 92,00 EUR, we have to charge 1 EUR more to cover Payment Fees. 

The GMK Color codes are CR and WS1.

This product is not a Group-Buy but a product is in-stock.

Category Keycaps
Brand GMK
Layout ISO-DE

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