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DZ60 RGB Hotswap PCB (ANSI)

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- DZ60RGB Hotswap


- 60% PCB

- Fits 60% Cases in our store

- Fits standard 60% Plate

- Purple Color

- RGB Backlighting


QMK firmware


USB-C support C to C

RGB Per Key


Use the latest version of QMKTOOLBOX,  Hold down esc and plug in the USB cable. open zadig to install the BootLoader driver, select winusb,

Log in and select DZ60RGB

After uploading the default json, editing the key, click firmware to download the bin file, then open qmktoolbox, load the downloaded bin file, and click flash

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PCB with 60% Arrow Layout
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PCB with 60% Standard Layout
Out of stock 60,00 €