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DZ60Lite Cool Kids

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- Cool Kids R2

- Keyboard Kit

- Matched to Keycaps

- Polycarbonate Plate

- 60% Layouts WK/HHKB

- Manufactured by KBDFans

This does not include the keycaps

This does not include the keycaps

Layout: 60% WK and HHKB PCB: DZ60RGB-WKL/DZ60RGB ANSI V2, RGB hot-swappable PCB ( QMK and VIA supportable, Type-C, support Windows, Mac, Linux ) Plate: Polycarbonate Stabilizers: KBDfans transparent stabs Gasket: 2 sets of gaskets, injection-molded silicone gaskets, foam gaskets Mute mat: install between PCB and Plate Bottom silicone pad:which is tightly fitted. Compared with kbd67lite, it is a newly added configuration. Case: PC+ABS material, using an injection molding process, the surface is matte, opaque USB-C Cable Colors: Bottom Case (white); Top Case (White), USB Port (white) - color matched with ePBT Cool Kids Typing angle: 6° Structure:Gasket mount Reminder: D60Lite and ePBT Cool Kids keycaps are sold separately. Estimated Ship Date:2 months after the group buy
Category Mechanical keyboards , Group-Buys
Brand Other , KBDFans , KBDFans
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors White
Layout ANSI

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HHKB Layout
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WK Layout
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