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CK60 ISO PCB (Hotswap)

58,00 €
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- DZ60 Alternative

- Made by CandyKeys

- RGB per Key

- Green Original PCB Color

- MX Mount

- Hot-Swap PCB / FIXED PCB Layout!

- VIA and QMK Compatible

The CK PCB Line Up features a bag of features for a good price. We have developed the standard go to PCBs when it comes to ISO Layouts. This PCB features: Hotswap, ESD Protection, USB-C, Daughterboard Pin Connector, RGB per Key, QMK Support and a fun CK logo! This PCB will work with screw-in stabilisers. Some keyboard cases which this PCB will fit into is Blade, TOFU, Low/High Profile 60% Case, Wooden 60% Case, Acryl 60% Case, and more! Please write support if  you are unsure about this product.

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