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Cherry MX Clear (PCB M.)

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  • MX1A-C1NW
  • Cherry MX Hyperglide
  • 65 Cn Actuation Force
  • PCB Mount Switch
  • Made in Germany

MX1A-C1NW (Tactile Click) – PCB Mounted (Can be changed to Plate mount)

The Cherry MX Clear is the stiffest of the Cherry MX Switch selection. The Clear switch is suitable for typists and gamers who really want extra strength to push the key.  The switch is one of a kind, it has a specific audience so be careful about picking this switch. If are not used to typing for longer durations on harder switches, this key could be very tiring.

Operating Force – 65 cN

Durability – More than 50 million actuations

Clear switch: Medium stiff, tactile, non-clicky switch

Category Switches
Brand Cherry
Switch Feedback Tactile
Mount PCB
Spring Standard
Spring Weight 65g
Travel 4mm
Feedback Tactile
Lubrication None

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