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Anne Pro 2 Black (Gateron)

3 variants New
From 82,00 €

- Gateron
- RGB Lights
- Bluetooth + Phone App
- Bigger Battery

The NEW Anne Pro 2, one of the best possible budget 60% keyboards with Bluetooth, Programmability, RGB lights and Gateron Switches is getting its upgrade that has since long been needed. The Anne Pro 2 features a on/off switch, Kailh BOX Switches, a larger 1900mah battery and new firmware (features coming soon), you can now get yours in black and white and with a variation of Kailh BOX OR Gateron switches.

There is currently a delay on this keyboard due to confusions from the manufacturer. Please await a new ETA on the website. 

UPDATE - Keyboards are delayed due to some confusion from manufacturer. We are working to get them in as fast as possible.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Anne Pro
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors Black
Switches Gateron
LED Included
Layout ANSI
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NameVariants Stock Price ETA
Gateron Red
Preorder 82,00 € ETA: 2019-02-10
Gateron Blue
Preorder 82,00 € ETA: 2019-02-10
Gateron Brown
Out of stock 82,00 € ETA: 2019-02-10