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0xCB Static Keyboard Kit

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- Designed & Manufactured by 0xcb

- DIY Kit / Through-Hole Kit

- Does not included Keycaps or Switches

- 40% Size  Keyboard

- Mini OLED Screen & Rotary Encoder included

- VIA Configurable

- 6 Degree Typing Angle


While the days of waking up to black and white static on your TV late at night have passed, the 0xCB Static keyboard will soon be available exclusively through CandyKeys as an in-stock DIY kit! We've taken the through-hole keyboards you already know and love to a new level with this release; we're talking OLED screen, rotary encoder, custom designed and 3D printed feet, does it get any better?


This a barebones DIY 40% mechanical keyboard kit, you will need to do some basic soldering and provide your own switches and keycaps of choice. We listened closely to what the community wanted, so the Static has a comfortable 6 degree typing and multiple layout options (including split spacebars!). We wanted you to have access to all the latest and greatest features so of course the board is using QMK, we've even pre-flashed it with VIA so you can edit your keymaps on the fly!


The Static is a beautiful modern board that balances elegant lines with exposed components nicely, and will be available in a black or white colourway initially. It will come with FR4 plates stock, but if you're after a tighter typing experience (or just a lil' bit of bling!) we will also have a limited quantity of metal plate kits available! We had these bead-blasted (think sand but much finer) to a matte finish and they are just gorgeous, and every bottom plate will come lasercut with our classic logo. We can't wait to see what kinds of builds everyone comes up with, and hope you all love building and using the 0xCB Static as much as we did designing and bringing it to market!


included in the kit: 


- PCB 

- FR4 switch and bottom plate 

- acrylic cover 

- 3D-Printed Feet 

- hardware (screws, standoffs...) 

- electronic components (controller, resistors...) 

- OLED Screen 

- Rotary Encoder and Knob 

- 3D-Printed diode bender 

- allen keys

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Static Black Kit
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Static White Kit
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Static Metal Extra
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Static Black FR4 Extra
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Static White FR4 Extra
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Static Acryl Case (Smokey)
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Static Acryl Case (Milky)
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