Mechanical Keyboards, Keycaps & Components


This weeks work.

Here is the list of stuff that we are working on and what we are expecting - KAM Wraith - We have a few orders leftover that we shipping, the other orders that have no status change will be e-mailed to give you a update on the situation FUTURE FUNK Deskmats - They have arrived! All Future Funk Orders will ship by the weekend, extras will be posted TBC Bushido - Salvun Artisans are shipping now, after this we are adding leftover GMK Extras, Mats are on their way Milkshake Deskmats - Also on their way with Bushido mats, extras will be available K2 DE Keychrons - We are working on it right now as we speak, by Friday we expect all to have tracking KBD67 Lite - Still missing a keyboard? You probably have contacted me but we will be moving all of you to other variants or R3 Carbon KBD67 Lite Plates - Still to be studio shot, do not want to sell without images... Pushing hard to get it done DSA 1930 - Arrived! Mats possibly not? Need to check. We are giving the green light to start shipping BLADE Cases KBDFANS - Now arrived! Also starting shipping now, if there is no stock on the site there are no extras Apollo Deskmats - We have a few spare, will post those

1. 9. 2021

Stock update!

KBDFans restock, we have Polybius mats in! Stock soon, GMK Bushido leftover goes live this week, Future Funk Deskmats will go live this weekend. We have Leopold stock coming in one week, and we have Mistel keyboards coming too!

31. 8. 2021

KBD67 Lite Update 2

All keyboards have now arrived and shipping label distribution commenced since Friday. Batteries for Wireless will be available tonight.

20. 7. 2021

05.07 Stock Update

We have now been including this info on all newsletters. Please sign up if you wish for the up to date news. We have stock coming on KBD67 Lite, GMMK PRO, as well as KBDFans products and new switches.

5. 7. 2021

KBD67 Lite

So big update on KBD67 Lite We will have the MAJORITY coming on the 15th of July (TBC depending on customs) - We have all variants besides pink coming, and we have also both wired and wireless coming. If you have a address change please write to The wireless versions will require a battery that we plan to offer, however these batteries will be much later than the KBD67 Lites themselves, for the time being if needed, you can use the keyboard in wired mode. The batteries will cost around 9-12 EUR from what we see. Orders will be processed in following orders; Chronological, IF its a export it will take a few days longer (counts for UK too), and if its a Australia/Asia order it will be last due to the amount of paperwork which we just can not do since we will need to squeeze the other boards out as fast as possible We have Andrea here working he will be in charge doing all shipments, and I will be helping him, we expect this whole process to take up to 5 workdays. We will be pre-making labels already 2-3 days before the arrival of the GB, IF you get a label and the tracking does not update by July 25th or so you can feel free to contact us, if you write us within 12 hours after you get tracking asking why it has not moved we will probably link you to this message.

5. 7. 2021

Stock Update 11.06.2021

We expect some things to come back in stock, ID80, Anne Pro, Mistel (?), Vortex 75% and RACE3 of some kinds, Cherry MX Switches, Durock Stabs, Durock Switches - These should be coming this month. We also expect some more KBDFans products

11. 6. 2021

Stock Update 20.05.2021

Varmilo lands on the 25th, full restock - Leopold has now landed, FC660C included - Keychron K6 DE Hot-Swap/K8 and other models incoming next Tuesday - Gateron Black Ink Restock occuring on Tuesday - Further news will be posted here.

20. 5. 2021

Coming up stock list

We have some things from Keychron coming in, wrist rests, from wood and resin. We have also possible GMMK Pros coming early. Varmilo should ship to us week two of this month, a full restock will occur, and we will be offering TAB90M DE Pre-Orders once confirmed. KBDFans big restock, TOFU in 65/60, and a few other small accessories. We also have a restock for ID80 coming in tomorrow, for the weekend. Anne Pros 2 are in stock, no update there, Gateron switches coming in 2 weeks, Zealios switches will be ordered later.

30. 4. 2021

Anne Pro 2 Restock has occured

New things came in from Anne Pro!

16. 4. 2021

A few Ducky Mini Mecha Silent Reds went live!

16. 4. 2021

ID80 should be coming next week

Waiting for the shipment to come! ISO included.

14. 4. 2021

Stock news April 2021

So - New Stock is coming in! KBDFans tomorrow (all sorts, TOFU65 inc.), UK Keychron is in, posting soon, GMMK Pro Accessories soon, Anne Pro 2 full restock next week, RACE3 restock next friday, Varmilo is May 12th

8. 4. 2021

GMMK Pro is live

Pre-order now :)

21. 3. 2021

Ducky re-stock in.3 weeks

19. 3. 2021

UK Shipping is via FEDEX

18. 3. 2021

Vortex/Anne Pro2/KBDFans Products coming this week!

Full RACE3 re-stock, Anne Pro 2 Restock and KBDFans restock comes this week!

8. 3. 2021

We are remodelling this news section

We are looking into better ways of providing news.

4. 3. 2021

CAP Switches in stock!

16. 2. 2021

EV-02 Switches in stock!

16. 2. 2021

ID80 V2 In Stock in ISO too!

9. 2. 2021

Durock Stabilisers V2 in stock!

9. 2. 2021

KBDFans Restock!

9. 2. 2021

Re-stock of Anne Pro occuring on weekend!

4. 2. 2021

MX Brown Plate Switch re-stock

30. 1. 2021

CAP Switches in stock this week!

28. 1. 2021

Ducky pre-orders coming on the 29th!

Includes all MECHA boards.

21. 1. 2021

CAP Switches on the way!

Gateron CAP is landing within 2 weeks!

18. 1. 2021

Re-stock of Keychron

K6, K2 in ANSI and DE have restocked, K6 HS is coming too now.

18. 1. 2021

Back at full steam!

And we are back! Orders have been worked off, we are restocking Leopold, Vortex 10 LE ISO-DE, Ducky Feather, Ducky Limited Edition keyboards, Spectrum EPBT and more on the weekend and tomorrow!

14. 1. 2021

Qlavier Ditto Giveaway link

6. 1. 2021

Issues on Deutsche Post shipping

We are still aware that people in international countries and Germany are struggling to get their Deutsche Post/ Warenpost packages on time, we are working on a fix.

21. 12. 2020

Next giveaway links!

19. 12. 2020

Giveaways here!

17. 12. 2020

News for this week.

A bunch of deskmats are going live - Youtube channel is starting (more on that!) - GMK Avnaguardia is going live, GMK Stealth is going live, then we have restocks on Anne Pro done, and Summit Varmilo keyboards are coming soon. We will also have a full restock of KBDFans tomorrow (from this post)

13. 12. 2020

Join Christmas Giveaways!

Links here:

9. 12. 2020

Stock news for weeks before Christmas

So - SP111 is shipping soon - Fuyu Mat leftovers will be available (all fade) - KBDFans items big re-stock - Cool Kids and EPBT Spectrum should come too but due to the high congestion we are expecting it to be late - Glorious Model-) Wireless will also be coming - Vortex 10LE Leftovers will come this week too.

7. 12. 2020

Kaihua Restock tomorrow/ Gateron too.

Sorry about the wait. We have had a overload due to Black Fri.

3. 12. 2020

Varmilo keyboards land on Dec. 17th

All models, ALL!

25. 11. 2020

Black Friday is coming.

Get ready!

24. 11. 2020

Vortex re-stock today

24. 11. 2020

Films and bits.

We are getting some switch films, PCBs, and small accessories like foam in this week. Gateron re-stock happening on Friday! (yay)

16. 11. 2020

FC660C delayed, the other Leopolds are coming

14. 11. 2020

Gateron confirmed on 23rd of November

14. 11. 2020

Cherry MX Hyperglides coming!

We have ordered nearly all models of MX Hyperglide switches

14. 11. 2020

Vortex major re-stock this friday.

14. 11. 2020

Broken website

We have found out the website has not been displaying all products. We are working to fix it, many products have been effected.

14. 11. 2020

GB Update Page is where its at!

Need updates for a GB? DO not look here further, but look here! NEWS we will onyl use for stock updates - and just general news.

10. 11. 2020

Restock of Vortex coming in a week

Literally everything that is missing, including vibe, TAB60 DE, TAB75 and more is restocking. Over 500 boards.

10. 11. 2020

Programming Account Sections

Accounts do not work! They are being fixed up with new feautures.

10. 11. 2020

Gateron still delayed

Gateron is still holding shipments of Inks, and further switches.

10. 11. 2020

Not much news for this week! Stock updates

We hope to realise milkshake extra date this week. There should be a Vortex restock coming soon, Leopold unknown, Gateron is being slow, KBDFans products restocks.

2. 11. 2020

Errors on pre-order GB Extra

We have been experiencing issues with our systems that is allowing some extras to be preordered already even though not available. You will be contacted, GBs effected are Fuyu and Finer Things.

2. 11. 2020

Happy Halloween


1. 11. 2020

Gateron Switch Delays

unreliable shipping - Will be still hopefully posted this week.

26. 10. 2020

Stock of tai-hao DE!!! Caps coming next Thursday.

Kind of excited for DE caps again? We are too! Get ready. Keycaps included are : UV ANSI, Full Black DE, Hawaii ANSI, DOLCH RED ANSI, MIAMI DE, MIAMI ANSI, RED AND BLACK DE, STARRY NIGHT, GREY AND BLACK, SAKURA MICHI

26. 10. 2020

GB Updates have moved to the GB update part of the website!

Now can be viewed at GB Updates part under Group-Buys

26. 10. 2020

Account Section still under construction

All account functions will be glitchy for now, including logins and so on.

22. 10. 2020

Fuyu should ship by Thursday

19. 10. 2020

Anne Pro in-stock tomorrow.

19. 10. 2020

GMK Finer Things ships by Thursday

19. 10. 2020

Moar Updates

So - We should be getting a Anne Pro re-stock on the weekend, a Keychron re-stock next week, and then we should be getting our largest even Vortex re-stock in early November, this will include the DE TAB60 Keyboards, as well as VIBE Keyboards. Then we should be shipping our FUYU this week too.

12. 10. 2020

News Today

Vortex should go live, Gateron next week, Anne Pro in 2 weeks, WAVE 2 MATS TODAY! (23:00), AND GMK Shark Bait should ship tomorrow!

8. 10. 2020

This week in the news

Today some special mats are launching for 24 hours GB only, Vortex restock on Thursday (big restock), Gateron switches should be done too! (Inks and all that good stuff), New Website Pages, Service as normal, RAMA Keycap extras should ship of all sorts of GBs, we should be opening some ducky pre-orders, and we should be shipping GMK Shark Bait, No new GMK Shipping dates as of now, last update was last week.

5. 10. 2020

Ducky Updates Today!

Ducky Mecha Mini - Ducky Mini White in stock now!

1. 10. 2020

FC660C Silent still on the way...

FC660C Silenced Keyboards are still travelling.

1. 10. 2020

Saturn60 launches in around 2-3 weeks!

Be aware for more info.

1. 10. 2020


Shark bait: has been shipped on September 15th Dark: estimated shipping date: mid of October Future funk: estimated shipping date: mid of January

25. 9. 2020

Durock Stabiliser Restock

We are restocking at the end of the week!

21. 9. 2020

Leopold Restock 1/2

The keyboards listed below are going to be in-stock on Thursday. There are two batches on the way, this is the first batch, second batch contains more 750PDs, FC660C Silent and more. FC750RN/EBBPD FC750RC/EBBPD FC750RR/EBBPD FC750RS/EBBPD FC980C/EW

21. 9. 2020

SA Nightlight comes tomorrow

Live at 19:00 or so!

21. 9. 2020

GMK Ursa Extras go live on Saturday, Midday!

Random time between 11:00 and 14:00 German Time

17. 9. 2020

Keychron DE going live on Friday!

Friday morning DE Keychron restocks!

16. 9. 2020

Extras of Ursa will go live on the weekend!

Time TBD

16. 9. 2020

FC660C Silent black DELAYED

Leopold has postponed shipment to early October.

16. 9. 2020

SP111 Keyboards on the way to us!

16. 9. 2020

Fuyu, Future Funk, Dark NO ETA

We are unsure when the sets named above will arrive. We hope still within the month.

16. 9. 2020

Hope you had a good weekend.

We are getting FC980C in White this weekend, we are getting also some Leopolds (Not FC660C), the FC660C is delayed to first week of Oct. - We will get Keychron and new Solder tools this weekend too! - Vortex restock also incoming.

14. 9. 2020

Keychron re-stock next week!

All K2 models in DE

9. 9. 2020

We are optimising shipping!

We are trying to figure out how to deliver even faster! FEDEX is being introduced to more countries, DHL will have more frequent pick ups.

9. 9. 2020

GMK Avanguardia should be coming in December

9. 9. 2020

GMK ursa comes next week!

Next week it is URSA time!

4. 9. 2020



3. 9. 2020

Restock news up on our return.

We expect to stock new solder tools, Vortex, Cherry Switches, Gateron Switches

1. 9. 2020

GMK Posh

GMK Posh will make a debut on the site today! Including a cool artisan!

1. 9. 2020

We are back tomorrow!

Expect us to return to work tomorrow evening. Things will progress, on the list, Hive, Milkshake Extras, Orders and Custom Builds!

1. 9. 2020

GMK Fro.Yo is shipping!

Extras will be posted live, at random.

27. 8. 2020

KAT MIlkshake Extras will be raffled off (most likely)

We will probably be creating a raffle for extras, details to follow.

25. 8. 2020

GMK Fro.Yo shipping this week!

25. 8. 2020



20. 8. 2020

KAT Milkshake Extras

We are releasing them for the next 3 sundays at 18:00

20. 8. 2020

BitMap Alpine Mats live!

18. 8. 2020

NEW CK Account Sections and CANDYPOINTS!

Score points with your purchases to spend in many ways. Coming soon!

12. 8. 2020

KBDFans products restock!

I hear you like the products, we will get more and more in! Foams / Accessories and Boards

12. 8. 2020

NK Switch Restock

NK Sherbet, Cream, Navy, Royal and more are coming soon!

12. 8. 2020

Radio Silence for a bit.

Sorry! we have been working hard on getting GBs out, standard orders out and re-stocking. What is to come? Read the new news posts.

12. 8. 2020

FC660C new update

FC660C was posted to USA as a limited amount, the full amount is done in early September and will be coming to us.

12. 8. 2020

Hive Update

We got the deskmats. We have got news that TKC is awaiting the caps to arrive in the warehouse.

30. 7. 2020


We sadly have no news on a update about this.

30. 7. 2020

One more re-stock news for today.

Tomorrow we are posting Vortex boards, Ducky Keycaps, Switches of different sorts, Leopold keyboards and a bunch of other good stuff!

24. 7. 2020

Re-Stock news!

Ducky - Today! / Zealios Switches Friday / IRIS, QUEFRENCYV2 Friday / Vortex Friday (Unknown Models) / Gateron is ordered / Anne Pro is ordered

19. 7. 2020

Ducky is shipping by Wednesday

13. 7. 2020

Infinikey WoB/ BoW is shipping by today.

Extras will be available on Friday.

13. 7. 2020

KAT Milkshake has arrived

KAT Milkshake is now in and we are going through QC. We expect the first news on shipping to customers this weekend.

6. 7. 2020

Ducky comes next week!

IN STOCK! - ONE 2 TKL, SF WHITE, ONE 2 MINI (White and Black), 5 Keycap Set Types (JOKER, UV, ETC.)

3. 7. 2020

This weeks re-stock news

Leopold is re-stocking , with Mats! / Vortex has no re-stock for now / Anne Pro has been purchased / GMK First Love Leftovers - Still have some! / Kaihua BOX Switches of various types are stocking / No other news for now.

29. 6. 2020

PUTAIN DESKMAT Coming today!

Pre-order da Putain.

29. 6. 2020

Vortex Re-stock hitting this morning.

Get ready for all types of Vortex boards!

26. 6. 2020

End of June Stock

RACE 3 UK - Coming next Thursday, KEYCHRON K2 ANSI ALU - Today!, Anne Pro leftovers - Today!, BRED/SANCTUARY EXTRAS - Not planned extra release yet, please visit TKC for USA, Burnt Orange Switches delayed to next week, GMK First Love Extras - Today

19. 6. 2020


Message on Quality issues - Misprinted and Misaligned legends: Delay by 1 month on extras now.: Hello ladies and gents/ @everyone - For CandyKeys orders, we are lucky that we have not gotten them yet. We will be going through each delivered set one by one - we already have a extra short-term employee planned who will go through this key by key otherwise it is a big feat for us. Each key that is faulty will be taken out and we will mix and match keys so we can compile as many kits as possible and send them to customers asap. It is unfair that all customers would have to wait so long due to Keyreatives mistakes. We will be sending out to customers by A. Chronology and then B. If you are non EU based you will also be pushed back as COVID is STILL putting holds on exports. Thank you for the wait and apologies about the fact that this has happened. Sending out sets and letting the customers pick is simply not a OK option as due to taxes and shipping costs to EU countries we would end up not even breaking even on the GB. If you have any questions please @ me - Thanks and take care! - David

19. 6. 2020

Ducky Pre-Orders now on boat!

They are traveling now to come in 2 weeks

19. 6. 2020

Leopold coming in end of June


19. 6. 2020

Website News

Things to be done - Adding new account point system /// Removing old products /// Polishing GB pre-order methods /// Adding Stock Categories to Keycaps and a stock filter system /// Any other ideas? Write us!

13. 6. 2020

Anne Pro is live!


13. 6. 2020

Stock News!

Leopold - Unclear due to missing communication / Varmilo - Full reordered to come in 2 months / Vortex - Next week late / Anne Pro - Friday (Now) / KeyChron ANSI is also releasing this weekend (Only K2) / GMK GBs - No news yet on any deliveries.

11. 6. 2020

Stock news update!

Anne Pro - Delayed a bit, Vortex Keyboards - coming next week (Check this thread for list), KBDFans - PCBs, Plates, etc. etc. coming today! - Tai-Hao - All re-stocked Fri/Say, Varmilo - Finally we are putting these in stock today, all pre-orders are shipped.

4. 6. 2020

PBT Hive is scheduled for September.

PBT Hive is scheduled for September.

4. 6. 2020

Anne-Pro Restock slightly delayed.

Sorry about that.

29. 5. 2020

Stock News so far.

Incoming Leopold boards and Vortex boards in a week - Anne Pro slightly delayed - NEW WOOTING WRISTRESTS! (WOO!) - Own Deskmats also coming - Putain Deskmat launch coming soon

29. 5. 2020

GB News

Sanctuary and BRED is shipped now to us and should arrive next week - KAT MILKSHAKE should arrive in 25 days with big delay, sorry about that EU people <3 - First Love RAMA Keycaps still missing so some orders are not yet sent - Other GBs have no predicted dates yet, keep checking for updates.

29. 5. 2020

Anne Pro re-stock on Friday.

26. 5. 2020

Varmilo keyboards are here.

We know you have waited long! We will be processing order this whole week.

26. 5. 2020

Stock news for this weekend.

Sorry about the delay on the FC660PD Ash Yellow boards, those will still come tonight - Anne Pro re-stock next week - VORTEX TAB75/RACE3 ANSI and DE only will re-stock tonight - We are stocking new KEYCHRON K2 ISO-DE boards - We will also be putting up limited edition POKER boards for pre-order - Ducky will re-stock early to late June - Wooting deskmats are arriving soon.

22. 5. 2020

Stock News this week.

Durock Stabs come in tomorrow - RACE3/TAB75 on Monday - Cherry MX Brown Plate Mount is in - Roselios come on Friday - GMK Ngiht Runner extras posted today (Deskmats included) - Ducky SF White comes in early June

13. 5. 2020

This weeks re-stock news.

Vortex RACE3 non-RGB has been moved back by 1 week to be from 2 weeks from now - Leopold FC750PD Ash Yellow and Blue and Grey with a few FC980 restocking today evening - NovelKeys CREAM Switches re-stocked - Anne Pro Gateron lands this week Thursday - Re-stock of all components like plates, low profile cases and other bits are coming tonight - Peaches and Cream and Nightrunner GMK Sets Extras will be announced for this week later tomorrow.

4. 5. 2020

This weeks GB news

We have shipped out GMK Nightrunner, PnC and First Love - Extras of First Love are Available KAT Milkshake Date is not confirmed, we expect 3 weeks, depending on the date of the train arrival - No news on PBT Sanctuary or BRED, No news on MOIIY or SP111 - We hope to have it soon - GMK Bushido is ending today evening, please order tonight if you want it.

4. 5. 2020

GMK First Love Extras go live at 18:30

2. 5. 2020

Stock Updates 28/04

Vortex has restocked last week, non RGB RACE UK and ANSI should be coming in 2 weeks due to COVID, Varmilo is delayed by 2 weeks, Zeal has re-stocked (Roselios coming shortly), Anne Pro in Gateron comes in 7 work days, No news on HHKB, Leopold re-stock coming on Friday (Various models)

28. 4. 2020

CK60/CK65 PCBs

We are happy to announce...

28. 4. 2020

Varmilo pre-orders delayed again by sometime due to China Shipping prices/time due to COVID

22. 4. 2020

GMK PnC is here!

22. 4. 2020

Varmilo Pre-Orders delayed to 25/04

17. 4. 2020

Gateron Ink Yellow is coming tonight

14. 4. 2020

General Stock Updates - 14th of April

Leopold FC660C Grey and Blue Silent - Tonight, Tai-Hao Caps - 3 Weeks, Vortex RACE - Delayed by 1 week to next week, GMK Stabilisers - No ETA, DUROCK Stabilisers - 2 Weeks, GMK Sets PNC, Night Runner - End of April, Cherry MX Silent Red - NO ETA, IKBC Keyboards - No ETA (MF Series updated to V3)

14. 4. 2020

MECHA Mini orders - Expect tracking number on weekend.

6. 4. 2020

PBT Red has no ETA yet.

30. 3. 2020

Stock Updates - General (Please check List)

Anne Pro - No ETA, KBD PCBs - Around 2-3 Weeks, Cherry MX SR - No ETA, Kailh - Restocked, Vortex - 2 Weeks, Leopold - 1 week (FC660C not included, only for preorders)

29. 3. 2020

GMK Nord should be coming in late April!

25. 3. 2020

GMK Peaches N Cream is yet again delayed

We sadly have not received the sets yet.

25. 3. 2020

Kaihua Cream restock on Thursday at 23:00

24. 3. 2020

GMK Dots is all shipped, EXTRAS LIVE at 19:00 March 18th German Time.

18. 3. 2020

Anne PRO re-stock occuring in 12 hours!

18. 3. 2020

Stay home for Corona

16. 3. 2020

Vortex RACE re-stock in 4 work days!

12. 3. 2020

Silent Ink and Cream Re-Stock soon

12. 3. 2020

Ducky One 2 MECHA New dates confirmed

The new keyboards that were missing come in later March.

7. 3. 2020

Ducky One 2 SF and MINI is confirmed to ship this week, MECHA MINIs are yet again delayed.

2. 3. 2020

GMK Dots NOMAD Kits suffer incorrect Keycaps in Kit from GMK

Please expect a delay on shipping and EXTRAs.

2. 3. 2020

Nano. BENTO Final Orders Ship on 11.03.2020

1. 3. 2020

Mecha Keyboards are not yet shipping, we are experiencing some shortages.

27. 2. 2020

Dots is shipping next week.

27. 2. 2020

GMK Dots giveaway?

Keep checking on our Insta page for more INFO!

23. 2. 2020

SF and ONE 2 MINI Boards shipping this week!

Mecha Keyboards are not yet shipping, we are experiencing some shortages.

23. 2. 2020

Ducky Keyboards are indeed confirmed for the 20th of February.

13. 2. 2020

Restock on Leopold keyboards coming in 1 week!

13. 2. 2020

We are getting new VORTEX boards next week!

TAB90 boards will be included.

13. 2. 2020

Hurricane Sabine will be slowing operations around the EU

10. 2. 2020

GMK Dots should be coming within a week!

6. 2. 2020

GMK Peaches and Cream should be dropping soon!

We now have the RAMA caps and Deskmats already.

6. 2. 2020

Ducky One 2 SF and Mecha keyboards have a new date!

the keyboards should be arriving on the 20th of February. We apologise.

4. 2. 2020

Leopold FC660C has a new date!

The keyboards should be coming on the 26th of February or earlier if lucky!

4. 2. 2020

Cherry RGB Switches are coming in stock tomorrow

4. 2. 2020

GMK Future Funk is live!

2. 2. 2020

TKC Shirts and Hoodies on the way to us now! Arriving next week.

31. 1. 2020

Ducky Keyboards are delayed due to the WOHAN VIRUS. CNY is extended.

31. 1. 2020

Cherry MX RGB Switches incoming!

31. 1. 2020

GMK Peaches and Cream still has no ETA

31. 1. 2020

GMK Dots should be landing soon.

31. 1. 2020

Southpaw Orders are getting now screws and missing parts.

31. 1. 2020

Sanctuary Rebirth is still in manufacturing.

31. 1. 2020

GMK Finer Things goes live on Saturday!

29. 1. 2020

KAM Wraith by Biip is live in 24 hours!

26. 1. 2020

GODSPEED75 is live

26. 1. 2020

Southpaw Orders now getting new screws + missing parts.

Waiting for a order with a case? It will be slightly delayed.

26. 1. 2020

Mecha Mini and SF Keyboard Pre-Orders are coming early Feb.

18. 1. 2020

GMK Peaches and Cream are still delayed!

17. 1. 2020

Wraith is going live in 13 days!

KAM Wraith by biip is going live in 2 weeks!

16. 1. 2020

Kaihua Kailh Switches are restocking shortly.

Royal, Navy, Jade, Pink switches are restocking now!

16. 1. 2020

FC660C keyboards are delayed.

FC660C keyboards are delayed by 2 weeks, to come in early February.

16. 1. 2020

GMK Fuyu is going live tonight!

10. 1. 2020


10. 1. 2020

GMK Dots is scheduled for middle of February.

10. 1. 2020

We are back!

We are back and ready to start 2020 with a strong launch, already now there is a new homepage for the website being made, and we are working to find out better ways to keep people informed of restocks. A complete guide to keyboards will also follow!

6. 1. 2020


The switches that are missing stock from Kailh should land within the end of this week.

6. 1. 2020

Ducky One 2 MECHA is coming in late January

6. 1. 2020

GMK Finer Things is now on the list of CK Sets!

6. 1. 2020

GMK Dark is live!

Get ready for GMK Dark, it just hit the streets!

5. 1. 2020

GMK Dark Launches soon!

1. 1. 2020

Happy New Year!

1. 1. 2020

Merry Christmas

24. 12. 2019

GMK Wavez extras go live at 19:00 tonight!

Get your extras!

10. 12. 2019

YOTP and Black MINI One 2 Mini arrives within 10 days!

10. 12. 2019

TKL Ducky Keyboards arrive in 10 days!

10. 12. 2019

GMK Wavez is shipping now!

5. 12. 2019

GMK Mizu comes tomorrow and ships next week!

5. 12. 2019

SouthPaw Delays

Sorry, we are a bit slow on getting those boards out. Expect a mail from us to confirm your order contents.

5. 12. 2019

Zilents are live!

A pre-order for Zilents is now live!

2. 12. 2019

SP111 by TKC will go live shortly!

26. 11. 2019

Ducky Mecha 60% going live too!

26. 11. 2019

FC660C Black is in stock!

Various Leopold products including FC750PD is in stock!

22. 11. 2019

Southpaw leftovers are now being worked on! Couriers are a bit slow.

Southpaw products will finally be sent.

22. 11. 2019

Kailh Creams by NK are coming live now!

A whole lot of goodies are coming in stock! Including Kailh Creams

19. 11. 2019

Extended2048 DHL and leftover DPD shipments ship this weekend!

Finally we are getting leftovers sent!

15. 11. 2019

GMK Sparta goes live in a few hours!

GMK Sparta drops soon.

15. 11. 2019

Iris PRO PCBs and Cases land on Friday today.

Today we get stock!

15. 11. 2019

Ducky keyboards are sent over the weekend!

With delay.

13. 11. 2019

Ducky SF is processing over this weekend!

Ducky boards are arriving then! Let us get those keyboards to you!

7. 11. 2019

Ducky Shine keyboards are arriving next week!

The Shine keyboards are finally arriving after months wait!

5. 11. 2019

KAT Milkshake has a set ETA for March 2020.

5. 11. 2019

Ducky One 2 SF and Mini have opened for pre-order!

You can now buy a Ducky One 2 Mini and SF on pre-order for the end of this month.

5. 11. 2019

KBD67 MK2 delayed by 1 week.

The KBD67 kits are delayed by one week as KBDFans has not yet gotten the confirmation of competion.

1. 11. 2019

Extended2048 leftovers are shipping to us tomorrow.

All kits that were bought using the DPD shipping method are shipped. DHL Methods are going to ship with the coming leftover kits in the 3rd week of November.

31. 10. 2019

Ducky One 2 Mini Black and TKL boards arrive late November!

This includes the YOTP editions.

29. 10. 2019

GMK Ursa is dropping in a few days!

Get ready for the tree friendly GMK drop!

29. 10. 2019

Ducky One 2 Mini White comes first week of November!

SF and One 2 Mini keyboards are arriving then!

27. 10. 2019

GMK Apollo will be live at CandyKeys!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting GMK Apollo!

26. 10. 2019

FC660C Blue and Grey is coming in 2 weeks!

23. 10. 2019

Ducky One 2 SF Lands first week of November!

23. 10. 2019

JTK Arctic Extras are now available!

23. 10. 2019

EXTENDED2048 will ship now.

We are now sorting the kits that have arrived (Please check full news for list)

22. 10. 2019

DUCKY One 2 Mini and SF Keyboards are delayed

At the moment the boards are travelling to us, it will take time for their arrival.

21. 10. 2019


We are now restocking on Vortex products.

18. 10. 2019

Southpaw Products are now on their way.

Finally, the SOUTHPAW products are on their way to us, ETA next week.

18. 10. 2019


The first keycaps sent by KBDFans have now arrived.

17. 10. 2019

Clack Cat Shirts are shipping tomorrow!

Clack Cat Shirts are shipping tomorrow!

9. 10. 2019

Restock AGAIN on RACE3 DE and ANSI coming on Friday.

Restock AGAIN on RACE3 DE and ANSI coming on Friday.

9. 10. 2019

Extended2048 has not arrived yet, KBDFans claims shipping on 10th of October.

Extende2048 orders have not yet arrived, the sets will be shipped on the 10th of October to us.

8. 10. 2019

Ducky YOTP Edition is facing delays!

Sadly Ducky has reported that there are delays on the YOTP Edition keyboard.

4. 10. 2019

Still no shirts in sight! Where are the clack-cats?

We are still waiting on the shirts, they are suspected to be in customs. Due to their long processing time and the way this method works in germany, we have to wait for a letter from the customs.

4. 10. 2019

RACE 3 UK re-stock live tonight!

Check at around 17:30! Coming along is RACE 3 RGB MX Brown, MX Silent Red, RACE 3 ISO-DE MX Brown and a few more!

4. 10. 2019

Ducky One 2 SF is now shipping to CandyKeys.

Ducky One 2 SF keyboards are now on the way to us. ETA 2-3 weeks.

3. 10. 2019

Clack Cat T-Shirts are coming within 5 days!

We have yet to receive the Clack-Cat t-shirts.

30. 9. 2019

Zilent Switches are coming

We expect new Zilent switches by ZEAL to arrive within 4 weeks.

30. 9. 2019

PBT Sanctuary has started!

Get your hands on the devils set now!

24. 9. 2019

FC660C Black Silent restock coming tomorrow!

Get your hands on that now!

24. 9. 2019

Vortex RACE3 UK is arriving next week!

Restock of UK Layout RACE 3 keyboards, RACE 3 DE Brown, TAB90 and Core RGB keyboards are included.

24. 9. 2019

35G NIZ TKL Keyboards are restocking in 1 week!

23. 9. 2019

Extended2048 is delayed due to false information!

Many kits are coming this coming week, sadly due to some misinformation from the manufacturer: the sets will only be coming in early october.

23. 9. 2019

Extended2048 should be shipping this week!

We have not received the sets just yet, we expect arrival today or tomorrow.

18. 9. 2019

Restock on FC660C and other Leopold boards live on Friday!

18. 9. 2019

Restock on Kailh Switches, live on Friday!

18. 9. 2019

Re-stock on Kailh

All missing Kailh switches get re-stocked this coming week!

12. 9. 2019


Extended2048 by biip has been delayed by a week, to arrive on around the 17th of September due to a misprinted key.

12. 9. 2019

JTK Arctic Shipping Soon!

JTK Arctic will be shipped over the course of Wednesday and Thursday.

9. 9. 2019

GMK Fro.Yo?

GMK Fro.yo has not reached all MOQs, options are being discussed, we hope to fix this and provide all kits.

9. 9. 2019

Shine 7 Keyboards

There are currently continuous delays on the Shine 7 pre-orders from Ducky due to switch variant shortages. You will be notified of a new ETA.

8. 9. 2019

65% and 60% PCBs are delayed due to damage

Have you ordered a 60% non hotswap PCB? They are currently delayed due to fallen diodes of bad shipping packaging, we are repairing most at the moment!

2. 9. 2019

GMK First Love is live

GMK First Love is now live, we are adding the final GB page tomorrow!

2. 9. 2019

KAT Milkshake is LIVE!

Get the KAT Milkshake sets now!

2. 9. 2019

GMK Mizu should come September 10th.

29. 8. 2019

Extended2048 is set to ship soon!

Extended2048 sets are set to ship from KBDFans by the end of the month!

27. 8. 2019

Anne Pro 2 re-stock on Gateron is coming in 14 days!

Anne Pro 2 re-stock on Gateron is coming in 14 days!

27. 8. 2019

nano. bento by keebwerk. will be done in 2 weeks.

27. 8. 2019

Zilents and Healios?

Yes. We believe so, we just need to sell some more Zeals and then it will be coming!

27. 8. 2019

Iris PCB re-stock?

The IRIS PCBs are set to re-stock in around 3 weeks from now. The manufacturer has been changed so we are now waiting on new PCBs to be made.

27. 8. 2019

GMK Wavez ETA?

GMK Wavez has no ETA just yet, we hope that it will arrive in around mid-September. GMK Mizu should be coming on September 8th.

27. 8. 2019

Extended2048 is starting final parts of manufacturing

Extended2048 is starting final parts of manufacturing - It will not be long until the sets arrive!

17. 8. 2019

EVA Foam by Keebwerk. is coming soon!

Due to the high demand on silencing of keyboards, keebwerk. is working on a custom EVA foam line up of products!

17. 8. 2019

Holiday Time!

We are on holidays, since half the team is out, use the code SUMMER2019 and get 8% off on your a small summer discount while we are taking some time off!

14. 8. 2019

Ducky One 2 Mini Arriving Shortly

Ducky One 2 Mini keyboards of all variants will start shipping to customers over the coming 14 days, please allow for delays due to summer holidays.

12. 8. 2019

Zeal Switches have arrived!

The Zeal switches have finally arrived and will be processed this week, please allow for slower processing times due to the summer holidays.

12. 8. 2019

Anne Pro Arrival

The Anne Pro keyboards of Gateron variant will be arriving this week, we will be processing them one by one when they arrive, please allow for delays due to the holidays.

12. 8. 2019

USA Shipping for 12 EUR!

CandyKeys is happy to announce that a new partnership with TNT/FEDEX has formed to provide EXPRESS shipping to USA for only 12 EUR! Further Worldwide countries will be available soon, this will allow us to ship over the Atlantic and other locations with extreme reliable shipping speeds. DHL will still be available as a option for 24,99 EUR.

10. 8. 2019