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Warenpost (With Tracking) - This new shipment method has now been added, in hope to reduce the amount of lost packages in the post. This package is tracked, and usually will be a padded envelope. This is the best option for things like Lube, Stabilisers, Switches and so on. We recommend using DPD/DHL for keyboards.

FEDEX - CandyKeys has introduced FEDEX into its shipping options, this option will be used for the UNITED STATES, CANADA and AUSTRALIA, this enables us to have tracked packages to inter-continental shipments that usually arrive in under 5 work days. 

CandyKeys has changed its main courier service as of September 2018 to DPD. DHL is still an option but for an extra cost as prices have risen for DHL. CandyKeys ships using Deutsche Post, DHL and DPD as well as FEDEX. Small products like switches, stabilizers, small switch testers and lube are sent in a padded envelope unless you decide to pay extra for other ways of shipping. The Deutsche Post has changed law in 2019 that products are no longer allowed to be shipped using a stamp.

We are also happy to announce that since September 2018 we are offering free shipping to many EU countries when orders are above 50,00EUR You can find this in the list below.


Free Shipping is available (above 50 EUR in cart) to:




Czech Republic




We are currently working on getting Free Shipping to more EU countries, we have managed to also reduce rates to the following countries (when order total above 50,00EUR):








United Kingdom



Insurance is included on all packages by DHL, DPD or Deutsche Post up to a worth of 500 EUR. CandyKeys will always make sure that customers get their packages no matter what issues may arise. FEDEX provides insurance up to 1000,00 EUR.

Shipping Times vary depending on the method. DPD packages are picked up daily between 11:00 and 13:00. They take around 5 work days to get anywhere in the EU and around 1-2 days to arrive in Germany. DHL will take around 5-15 days worldwide for international orders. EU orders will take 4-8 work days and in Germany it usually takes 1-2 nights. If your order was sent using German Post, it can take from 5 to 14 work days to arrive to you. There is no longer tracking available, please consider using DHL if you need insurance and faster delivery times. FEDEX will always deliver within 5-7 work days all around the world.

Lost Shipments can occur, this is not our fault and it will be obvious that there is a problem if the shipment does not progress within a few work-days. We always support the customer and make sure the package arrives within a reasonable amount of time. Please contact to resolve the issue.

Pricing - Due to continuous changing pricing in shipping, please use our cart function to check out what the newest available pricing is.