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Zealios Switch (V2)

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- Purple Stem

- V2 Official Version

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- Tactile Switch

- Various Weights

"I can assure you that Zealios are the way to your feelios." - ChucklingKumquat

Voted Best modern keyboard or company - Deskthority Awards 2016

Zealio V2 switches come in 4 variants. They are rated at "bottom out" force, not actuation! Version 2 of our switches feature a bigger tactile bump when compared to our previous Zealios. Pictures will be provided shortly. 

  • 62g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 65g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 67g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]
  • 78g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]

Tactile feeling for the different weights:

  • 62g Zealios - Smooth, crisp and light, a bit heavier than MX Browns in weight, but offer a much smoother experience with a crisper and large tactile bump feedback when compared to Holy Pandas. Lightest variant Zealio.
  • 65g Zealios - Smooth, long, drawn out tactile bump from the top. Nice cushion during bottom out.
  • 67g Zealios - "Crisp & responsive" tactile bump feeling at the very top with more cushion during bottom out than 65g Zealios V2.
  • 78g Zealios - For those that prefer a slightly lighter MX Clear, but want a bigger and smoother bump than MX Clears / Holy Pandas. Tactile bump is round and snappy at the very top. From beginning to end, the spring is heavier than all other Zealio variants.

Please note that PCB mounted switches can still be used in many plate mounted keyboards. As long as your PCB underneath has 2 extra holes next to the center post, it will support PCB Mounted switches and add extra rigidity to your build. If your PCB does not have the extra holes, then you can simply cut the small plastic legs off to make them Plate-Mount!

Category Switches
Brand ZealPC
Switch Feedback Tactile

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Single Switch (78G)
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Pack of 100 Switches (78g)
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