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Zealios Sampler

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- Zealios Switches
- 4 Switches
- 2 Types of O-Rings
- Acrylic Base
- 2 Types of Keycaps

This little 4 switch sampler will give you the taste of the different Zealios switches one can get. Zealios are known as the middle switches, not too heavy and not too light, and very smooth.

This 4 switch sampler includes 2 different types of o-rings and 2 different types of keycaps, DSA and OEM Format. The base of the tester is made from acryl plastic and it is very easy to switch the switches around.

The tester comes with 62G, 65G, 65G and 78G Zealio switches.

Category Switch Testers , Switches
Brand ZealPC
Switch Feedback Tactile

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