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White Topre Spacebar

6,00 €

- PBT Spacebar
- 11.35cm, 4.5cm apart
- Single Color
- Fully White
- Stable & High Quality

Need some color on your keyboard? This spacebar will spice up the look of your keyboard with one single color. This PBT keycap is a high quality basic spacebar which can be added to any keyboard with a 11.35cm spacebar size. The mounts are 45mm apart from the center and the spacebar is 113.5mm long and 18mm wide . This will not fit Cherry MX Switches, only Realforce and Tope switches, please see the images to see what the mounts look like.

*The colors may vary due to the camera, light, monitor calibration and export settings. This spacebar has a red color, it may not be as saturated as in the picture.

PLEASE NOTE – They spacebar is not warped/bent, it appears warped due to the Topre stem which sticks out of the middle, causing the key to pivot in the picture.

Category Keycaps
Brand HHKB

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