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VA88M Chicken Dinner (ISO-DE)

5 variants New
From 100,00 €

- Chicken Dinner
- VA88M
- TKL Size
- Cherry MX Switches
- White LED
- NKRO Rollover/OS X Friendly

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! The Special Edition VA88M brings a flavor of our favorite MMO games to the table. The special dye-subbed symbols and yellow keycaps are a highlight of this keyboard with the special spacebar that you can only get from Varmilo. The VA88M features a sleek profile and Cherry MX switches, which will last you more than 45 million clicks. The keyboard comes with White LEDS and NKRO Roll-over, you can change the LEDs two 4 different levels of brightness, OFF, 1, 2 and 3. Each keyboard comes with extra keycaps that you can replace extra modifiers, a cable and a keycap puller. It also comes with a plastic hard top-cover which you can use to prevent dust from getting on the keyboard when storing it.

Category Mechanical keyboards , SALE
Brand Varmilo
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors White , Black , Other
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ISO-DE
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NameVariants Stock Price
Cherry MX Red
Out of stock 100,00 € 155,00 €
Cherry MX Blue
Out of stock 155,00 €
Cherry MX Clear
Out of stock 100,00 € 155,00 €
Cherry MX Brown
Out of stock 155,00 €
Cherry MX Black
Out of stock 100,00 € 155,00 €