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Tai-Hao Jukebox (Beige/Mint)

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  • Tai-Hao
  • Cubic Profile
  • ISO and ANSI Support
  • Extra Kit for Compatability
  • ABS Plastic
  • Double-Shot

111 Key Cubic ABS Double Shot Keycap Set – Jukebox (Beige/Mint) (Tai-Hao)

This Cubic Profile is Tai-Hao made, sharp edges, large touch area and a modern look are the few characteristics of this profile. The Jukebox keycap set was designed with the co-operation of the livingspeedbump who is known for having designed many great community sets. Each set is ABS Double-Shot and for the price features really clear and good formed keycaps with a perfect surface material to touch. The keycap set features its own novelties and 2 extra Tai-Hao branded keycaps. It also comes with extended kits that are listed below;
Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
Brand Tai-Hao
Layout ANSI , ISO-UK
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Base Kit
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Add-On Kit
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