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SA Bubble

180,00 €
  • Manufactured by SP
  • SA Profile
  • Bubblegum Colors
  • Ending 30th of June
  • Group-Buy
  • Zfrontier Asia GB

Designed by ?生生ゃょぃ. Inspired by Pantone’s 2016 colors – Silent Blue and Pink Crystal.

SA BUBBLE adopts the elegant SP SA height, like the bubble blowing in the sun under the wind, you can feel the transparent beauty from different angles.

The sleek style of the personality set, with the special gloss and font of SP SA’s two colors, and the pink color of the keycap itself are in harmony.

GB Expiry Date : June 30, 2018

Expected delivery time: March 2019

Category Keycaps , Keycap Sets
Layout ANSI

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