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- Design by SwitchKeys AU


- Artisan Keycap / 2 Designs

- Sun / Trainer Design

- Brass or Aluminium

- R1 Keycap for Esc Key

Its 1987. You’ve just come off Venice beach on a hot July afternoon as the sun is setting. But your day has only just begun. You run to the arcade. You grab a cola, your quarters and head to your favourite seat. You strap in, load your coins, hands on the wheel and wait. 3….2….1…. DRIVE.

You pass each car with ease, changing the station on the radio as you note the time left on your clock. You speed up level by level as day turns to night but you’re not slowing down. You look out beyond the cyan palm trees, towards the jagged hills as their glow increases and you begin to dream. It’s just you, your F40 and a never ending road, driving towards that neon sun.

Category Keycaps , Group-Buys , Artisan Keycaps
Layout ANSI , ISO-UK

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Sun (Purple)
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Sun (Pink)
Out of stock 42,00 € ETA: 2022-01-01
Shoe Brass
Out of stock 60,00 € ETA: 2022-01-01