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Qlavier x CandyKeys 3x3 Switch Tester

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- Qlavier Design

- Free Goodies!

- Acryl Plate Construction

- 3 x 3 layout

- Perfect to build your custom tester

- Available in 3 Colors

The first Qlavier x CandyKeys product has arrived! This cute tester was made for anyone who wants a perma.tester to test their switches of any kind. This tester comes with gold screws, extra goodies *like keychain and stickers* and no switches. Please be aware, select your desired switches in the switch selection of our store. A CandyKeys logo is engraved on the bottom of the tester.

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Product variants

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Red Tester
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White Tester
Out of stock 13,00 €
Frosted Black Tester
Out of stock 13,00 €