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Power MX R4 Keycap

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- Power keycap
- Fits Cherry MX or Cherry MX Clone mechanical switches
- Designed for backlit / non-backlit mechanical keyboards
- R4/E Power keycap - to be placed on 1st and 2nd row (1x1)
- Keycap legends are laser etched

Need a cool key? Here it is. The power backlit keycap will give your keyboard a nice touch, making sure you know where that power button is. Thanks to its transparent legend this keycap looks amazing on any LED backlit keyboard. Thanks to its PBT plastic it will also last a long time without any rubbing. This keycap fits R4/E 1×1 (F-row and Number Row 1×1), all types of Cherry MX switches and Cherry MX Clones.

Category Keycaps
Brand MAX Keyboard

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