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Mistel MD650 (Black)

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- Split Keyboard

- Cherry MX Low Profile Switches

- Compact Design

- Double-Shot Keycaps

- Black Backplate

- ANSI Layout

The Mistel Barocco Keyboard is made for people who want to have an ergonomic, lightweight keyboard that also has RGB Backlighting. The keyboard houses 3 built-in layouts, QWERTY, DVORAK and COLEMAK. The keyboard features PBT keycaps, has onboard memory and also has a separate port to directly connect a numpad.  The keyboard also has status LEDs to let you know about it functions. Cherry MX Switches are in Mistel keyboards, offering the mix of Mistel and German Engineering and Quality.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Mistel
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors Black
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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Low Profile Cherry Switch
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