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MAX Keyboard Pro Sampler Kit

20,00 €

- High Quality Switch Tester
- 8 Cherry MX Switch Types
- Translucent Keycaps
- Red Acrylic Frame
- MAX Keyboard Product
- O-Rings included for further modification
- Build-it Yourself

 Want to test switches before buying? The Pro Sampler Kit by MAX Keyboards is the perfect choice switch-tester that helps simulate typing on Cherry MX Switches. The Pro Sampler Kit is a level lower than the Ultimate Sampler Kit by MAX Keyboards, the frame in the Pro Sampler Kit is made from acrylic plastic and includes Cherry MX switches only. O-Rings are included and translucent keycaps help keeping this switch-tester clean and simple. Some assembly is required to make this switch sampler complete. 3M Rubber feet are also included to stick on the bottom of the sampler so it can be put on any surface without slip or destabilising.

Each Pro Sampler Kit includes:
9 Translucent clear keycaps
Cherry MX Switches [Cherry MX Red, MX Black, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Green, MX Grey, MX Clear, MX White] 1 Acrylic base
8 Rubber O-Rings
3M clear rubber feet

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