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MA88M Sea Melody (ISO-DE)

2 variants New
From 150,00 €

- Sea Melody Limited Edition
- MA88M
- TKL Size
- Varmilo Switches
- NKRO Rollover/OS X Friendly

The old VA88M gets a new refresh from Varmilo with their own switches, the new MA88M features EC switches by Varmilo. The switches are built to outlast standard mechanical switches and for sure will attract many users with lightweight typing. The Rose switch is a linear switch with a 55g actuation force and the Sakura switch has a 45g actuation force. Both switches are linear. The keyboard has a unique blue case and keycaps, it comes with special edition packaging and merchandise from Varmilo. This keyboard is MAC friendly and sports a MINI USB cable.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Varmilo
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors White , Blue , Other
LED Not Included
Layout ISO-DE
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NameVariants Stock Price
EC Rose Switch
Only 1 left in stock 150,00 €
EC Sakura Switch
In stock 160,00 €