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Lofree 4-Seasons (Spring)

100,00 €
  • Gateron Blue
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • 4,000mah Battery
  • 3 Weeks Battery
  • Modern Industrial Design
  • 3 Level LED
  • Official Lofree Distributor in the EU
  • Inspired by classic typewriters, designed for writers, designers, everyone that just want to enjoy a beautiful wireless mechanical keyboard and give you a nostalgic feeling in a modern coat.
  • Compatible with Mac’s function keys (F1~F12) without any additional setup from your side, you’ll be able to adjust brightness and volume, use launchpad, mission control and other function keys from your lofree keyboard.
  • Durable and renowned GATERON switches with 50 millions keystrokes for responsiveness and durability. 3 different backlit setting for using in the dark.
  • Up to 3 weeks Bluetooth working time for a single charge. Connects up to 3 different devices simultaneously via Bluetooth and easily switch among them with a quick press of fn + 1/2/3 on the keyboard. USB wired mode also available.
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android for computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Lofree
Keyboard Size 60%
Colors White
Switches Gateron
LED Included
Layout ANSI

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