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LED 2x3x4mm

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From 15,00 €

- High Quality LED
- 2x3x4mm Rectangular Size
- Various Colors
- 2V for standard keyboard PCBs
- Easy to Solder Long Feet
- Fast Shipping

Used to light your keyboard up! Install these LEDs into your switches to give your keyboard some energy. These LEDs are square, they are smaller than standard 3mm LEDs allowing all keycaps to be used on the switches without any problems.

There are 100 pieces per package, the lengths of the arms can be cut off to fit any PCBs accordingly. Please be aware that the longer foot is the Anode and the shorter foot is the Cathode


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Red LEDs
In stock 15,00 €
White LEDS
In stock 15,00 €
Green LEDs
In stock 15,00 €
Orange LEDs
In stock 15,00 €
Yellow LEDs
Only 1 left in stock 15,00 €